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How do I know if a mole is cancerous or non-cancerous?

I've heard that moles can actually be considered cancerous. I've had one on my arm all my life, and it's never been painful or anything. It's flat on my skin as well. Should...

How long is the recover after Mohs surgery?

I'm getting Mohs surgery at the end of this month, and my doctor didn't really tell me much about the recovery time. I guess when it gets closer he'll tell me about what to expect....

Can I drive after MOHS surgery?

I'm scheduled to have MOHS surgery very soon, and I'm well aware that I do receive local anesthesia where the tumor is. But still, should I have someone drive me to my procedure...

What are the stages of basal cell carcinoma?

My mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage I basal cell carcinoma. She's worried about it spreading, obviously, but I tried to tell her that she should only focus on her treatment....

Is it possible to remove my freckles?

I absolutely hate having freckles and I want to have them removed. Is it possible to have them removed? Would I need surgery for this?

What exactly is MOHS Micrographic Surgery?

I was diagnosed with skin cancer and the doctors are removing the areas through MOHS Micrographic Surgery. How exactly does that surgery work? Is it better than typical surgery...

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