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Is a pancreas transplant possible?

My daughter has type 1 diabetes and we really can't get her levels under control. It has been difficult, frustrating, and also emotionally draining. It's like no matter what...

Does appendicitis require immediate surgery?

My daughter was diagnosed with appendicitis, but her doctor is holding off on having it removed and want to monitor it instead. I always thought appendectomies are emergency procedures....

After gall bladder surgery, when can I resume my normal diet?

I underwent gall bladder surgery about one month ago. When can I resume my normal diet? Also, are there any foods I should avoid now?

Sudden abdominal pain

A couple of days ago I started to get pain from the bottom left side of my back, and the next day the pain spread to the bottom left side of my tummy. Kindly let me know why this...

I have to undergo an abdominal surgery to remove blockages from my large intestine. What will recovery be like?

I neeed to undergo an abdominal surgery. This is mainly to remove blockages from my large intestine. How long will it take for me to recover from this surgery?

Why do I feel so sleepy post my surgery?

I had abdominal surgery and now I'm feeling extremely sleepy. I had the surgery over a week ago, and while I know I'm still in recovery, I shouldn't feel too tired. Why is this...

How long will my son take to recover from an abdominal surgery?

My son needed to have an appendectomy just last week and is now in recovery. The surgery was very successful, but approximately, how long would his recovery be?

What causes pain in the lower abdomen?

I have pain in my lower left abdomen. What could be causing it? I also have pain when I'm passing urine.

Is it okay to eat meat after an appendix surgery?

I had my appendix removed 3 days ago. Can I eat meat now?

How long does my husband need to recover after his appendectomy?

My husband needed to have emergency surgery because his appendix had burst. There were no complications in the surgery, and now he's in recovery. How long should he stay home...

Loss of appetite and nausea

I had an open appendectomy and bowel resection as my appendix had perforated over a year ago. I still have no appetite and get nauseous after a few bites of food. Is this normal...

Lower abdominal pain

I have been experiencing lower abdominal pain for the past two years, and have tried all types of medicines but to no avail. Could you please prescribe the right medicine for...


I’m having really bad pains in my upper abdomen it started last night at my belly button then my upper abdomen then at my lower right side and now all over, I’ve had headaches,...

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