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Can kidney stones affect bowel movements?

I have a lot of blood in my urine along with irregular bowel movements. Can these symptoms be related to kidney stones?

How to treat my son's UTI's?

My son is 10 year old, and he's getting UTI's very often. What can be the cause of this? Should we visit a doctor?

How is a kidney stone dissolved?

My urologist told me that I have kidney stones but not to worry because they are so small. He thinks that they would dissolve. How does this usually happen?

How long can a person survive on dialysis?

I'm 38 years old and have been on dialysis for about 8 months. It's unbearable for me. It's managing my kidney condition well, but I don't think I can be on this for much longer....

After taking vitamin supplements urine changed color?

I have been taking vitamin supplements already for 2 weeks, and my urine became like a neon yellow color. Is it because of vitamins? Or is there another cause?

Why is there sugar in my urine?

In my urinalysis, the doctor found sugar in my urine, which rose a red flag for her and she's sending me to get a blood test done. Why is sugar in urine a bad thing, and what...

What should I use to cleanse my kidneys?

I would like to cleanse my kidneys in order to prevent any issues--I also just overcame a kidney infection, so I feel like a detox is needed. What foods or drinks do you recommend...

Is diabetic kidney disease common in children?

My daughter has type 1 diabetes, and was diagnosed with it when she was pretty young, like 6 years old. After several years, I finally feel comfortable with her management in...

Does insomnia affect my child's schooling?

I think my daughter has insomnia. She stays up all night and takes naps throughout the day when she's home. I haven't heard anything from her school about her falling asleep...

Is incontinence normal after treatment for a kidney infection?

My daughter did not complain about the pain associated with a kidney infection until it was too late. We had to go to urgent care, and then to a hospital where she was immediately...

My daughter keeps getting UTIs. Is this a sign of a kidney issue?

It seems like every few months that my daughter is getting a UTI, and she's only 13 years old. I'm worried that this could be a much deeper issue than just a UTI. Could reoccurring...

When does a UTI turn into a kidney infection for children?

My daughter had a UTI and I tried to treat it myself with home remedies, like drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice. But now she's in a lot more pain than she was in before,...

Can an internist also specialise in other medical areas, such as endocrinology or nephrology?

Are there any internists that have a specific specialization? I always thought their range of practice was pretty general.

Is there a way to substitute dialysis with any medication?

My son has a problem with his left kidney. Is there a way to treat his condition with medications instead of dialysis?

What medicine can I give my mother who is suffering from kidney pain?

My mother is suffering from CKD and has a lot of pain in her kidneys, especially when passing urine. What medications should she take to ease the pain?

How can I prevent kidney stones from recurring?

I keep having kidney stones, and they are almost like reoccurring. They pass naturally but they still cause a lot of pain. What can I do to prevent this?

Is an MRI used to diagnose kidney stones?

I have severe pain in my left side, and I think it's my kidneys. I can walk, but barely. My mom wants me to go to the hospital, but I'm a little scared. She thinks it's kidney...

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