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For how long should I keep my child at home after chickenpox?

My daughter had a bout of chickenpox and is now recovering. How long should I keep her at home?

What is the permanent treatment for head lice?

My daughter got infected with head lice from school. I have tried various treatments but it seems like nothing is working. What should I do?

My 7 year old daughter is experiencing a lot of hair falling out. What could be the reason?

My daughter is 7 years old and has long hair. Lately it seems like a lot more hair is falling out than normal.

Is it okay to feed cheese and butter to kids?

Should I be feeding things like cheese and butter to my kids? Aren't these important sources of calcium at a young age? What should the limit be?

When is the earliest time per year a child should get their flu shot?

I know most people get them in the summer and early fall, but is there ever a time that's too early? Or what's the best time?

Is it advisable to start my daughter on vitamin D supplements?

I understand vitamin D deficiencies are commonplace. At what age should I start the supplement for my daughter, if at all? What should be the frequency? She's 6 years old now...

How long should children be allowed on the computer?

My child plays all day on the computer. I think it's way too much and that it may start to affect his eyesight. How long should children be allowed on the computer? What do...

Can you recommend a safe ointment for diaper rashes?

My daughter is 3 months old and suffers from diaper rashes. The doctor told us to apply coconut oil on these rashes, but it's not working. Please, can you suggest a safe ointment...

Should I be concerned over the kind of water my son drinks?

I have been very paranoid about giving my son tap water. So, I've been boiling the water, filtering it or giving him bottled mineral water. Should I really be concerned? My...

My child refuses to drink milk. Will it cause any health issues for him?

My child is 3 and a half years old and refuses to drink milk. Is it really important for kids to have milk everyday? What will happen if he stops drinking milk completely?

Had chickenpox as a young child

I'd like a medical opinion. Having chickenpox as a child I was isolated at home in a darker room for a few days. Is this to remove heat to the skin that one gets from exposure...


How can a school student cope with a hot classroom and fatigue? ?

My daughter is very fussy about her food. How do I ensure she gets proper nutrition?

My daughter is 3 years old and is extremely picky and fussy about her food. How do I ensure she gets proper nutrition?

My son has extremely dry skin. What can I apply?

My son is 2 years old and has extremely dry skin. Is there a cream that we can use that can help?

What causes children to be hyperactive?

My daughter is extremely active, in fact, some even call her hyperactive. What could be the reason for her behavior?

Why is my daughter having recurrent abdominal pain?

My daughter is 5 years old and often complains of abdominal pain. What could be the reason for this recurrent pain? The doctor has done some tests and nothing seems to be wrong?...

When is a good time to introduce regular milk for a baby?

My baby is 9 months old and I have been giving him formula milk. When would it be the right time to introduce regular milk in his diet?

Is the pneumococal vaccine really necessary?

My baby is 3 months old and the doctors have given us the pneumoccal vaccine as an option. Would you recommend this vaccine? My husband and I hear so many negative things about...

As my child grows, what should be her intake of milk?

I am a mother of a 4 year old. My daughter refuses to drink milk. How much is the ideal milk requirement for her in a day?

Is soy milk safe for kids?

These days I have been reading a lot about soy milk. Is it safe for kids?

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