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How can I increase my son's iron levels?

My son has iron deficiency anemia, and I'm trying to find ways to increase his iron level other than taking iron supplements. What's the best way to increase his level?

Children's Motrin vs. Tylenol?

My mother and I actually got into an argument about which medicine is better for my daughter's fever. I used Children's Motrin to help her fever (it was at 102, and she's 7 years...

Should my son be recircumcized?

My son is 18 months old, and our doctor recommends having his circumcision redone. His pediatrician says that not enough foreskin was removed the first time around, and that this...

What are the symptoms of diarrhea?

My son has loose stool almost every day last week. He is 10 years old. But I'm not sure whether it's diarrhea problem. Do you think it is? What should I do?

What causes constipation in babies?

I think my 8 week old baby is constipated. He seems to be having trouble pooping. What could be causing it and what can I do to help treat it?

Can anemia be dangerous for a newborn?

The doctor told my friend that his son is anemic, and he's just a newborn. Is this a life-threatening condition for a newborn? I know adults and older children can manage and...

What vaccines can be harmful to children?

Are vaccines potentially harmful or are they not? Is it true that some carry a risk of autism? I don't want to give my child any vaccines that carry the risk, and that he doesn't...

Can running cause chest pains?

My 10 year old son has pretty sharp chest pain while he runs. Is this a normal thing for him to experience? Should I take him to a doctor?

Why are my son's allergies worse in the spring?

My son is 10 years old and his allergies are out of control in the spring. Why is his allergy so severe? We usually treat it with Benadryl, but I feel like we shouldn't use it...

How do I treat frequent UTIs?

My 14 years old son gets UTIs very frequently--and every time he gets them, I take him to the doctor for antibiotics. But they keep happening. . . and he's had five from November...

Is it safe for a child to take melatonin supplements?

My 9 year old son has sleeping problems, and stays up a majority of the night. I thought that maybe it's just him being a kid, but it's becoming a serious issue. Should I consider...

My son has swollen joints. Is this serious?

I've noticed that my 14 year old son's joints are really swollen. It doesn't look normal, but it's not necessarily causing him pain. He says he didn't injure himself--so I'm...

What happens during a pediatric urology follow up?

My son had surgery to fix a bladder defect when he was first born, but now he's going for his first follow up. Would this follow up be invasive? What should we expect? He needed...

What is the best way to treat pneumonia symptoms?

My son is 5 years old and was diagnosed with pneumonia. His doctor prescribed him azithromycin to help treat it. Is there anything that I should do, alongside his prescription,...

How can I help my son gain weight?

My 11-year-old son is so thin, and it seems like no matter what he eats he stays the same size. Could it be a medical problem, like with his hormones? What should we do?

Why does my child have frequent ear infections?

My daughter is 4 years old and she keeps getting ear infections. She's had four so far this year. Usually we just let it resolve on its own because they're so mild, but it's...

Are there any home remedies for mononucleosis?

My son is only 3 year old, and he has mononucleosis. I think he had gotten this infection from his preschool. Our doctor says we can treat this mostly at home but right now he...

Son has pain in testicles. Should I be concerned?

My son is going into puberty, and has opened up to my husband about having some pain in his "private parts" as he called it. In other words, the testicles and the scrotum. My...

What could be the cause of high hemoglobin levels?

Blood test showed that my daughter's hemoglobin levels are high? What causes high hemoglobin levels in children? We have an appointment soon to discuss the results of her test...

What to do if a 3 year old child has a high fever of 103 degrees?

My 3 year old child has a high fever of 103 degree, and I know that a high fever is common in kids this young. I gave him Motrin to see if the fever goes down--should I take him...

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