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Is Talkspace actually effective?

I've been seeing ads all over the place for Talkspace, which is an app for online counseling. I can't really afford the therapists/counselors in my area, and I really think I...

What is family-based therapy like for eating disorders?

My daughter was diagnosed with anorexia recently, and we're looking into various therapies that can help her. We are considering sending her to rehab center, but we want to do...

Does depression have an effects on sleep?

Since I was diagnosed with clinical depression, or really since I started feeling depressed, I've been having strange dreams more often--and I also remember my dreams too, which...

Does psychoanalysis help with depression?

I was diagnosed with clinical depression several months ago, and I feel like the antidepressants I'm on aren't really helping. I would like to try therapy, and only therapy, to...

I think I need to talk to someone about my depression. Where should I go?

I've been feeling really depressed lately, and I'm finding it difficult to wake up every day. I feel like I need help, but I'm not sure on who to really turn to for help. Would...

Drinking himself into unconsciousness

My husband is an alcoholic. After years of treatment, counseling and AA meetings he has stopped drinking. Or so I thought. I find empty, hidden liquor bottles plus most nights...

How can I help my grandmother with her depression?

My grandmother has been very depressed since my grandfather passed away and she had to move in with me and my family. She was always so energetic but now I can hardly get her...

Why am I so depressed during my pregnancy?

I am 7 months pregnant and I feel very depressed. Although I have a very loving family, I am not so excited about my pregnancy. Why do I have these feelings?

How can I get rid of my depression and anxiety?

I have issues with depression and anxiety, and it's beginning to get in the way of my daily routine. What can I do to ease these depressing, anxious feelings?

My son has a birth defect in his hand. How can I make sure it doesn’t affect his confidence level?

My son is 6 years old and is suffering from a birth defect in his hand. This is now showing in his confidence level, making him an introvert and very aggressive. What can I do...

Sudden spider phobia

Out of the blue, I have a sudden and terrible fear of spiders. I was never like this before. Now, if I just hear the word "spider" I bolt! Why the sudden panic and fear about...

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