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Can I reverse my liver damage?

I used to drink alcohol a lot when I was younger, but now I'm worried about my liver's health in general because of it. I know alcohol could have serious effects on my liver,...

How can people check the liver function?

I drink occasionally and would like to know my liver health. What tests would you recommend to check my liver function?

I am undergoing treatment for liver cancer. I am now passing blood in my stools. Why is this?

I have been diagnosed with liver cancer and I am currently undergoing chemo and treatment for the cancer. I passed blood in my stools yesterday. What does this mean?

How soon should I see my bilirubin count normalizing after starting treatment?

I had abnormal bilirubin counts when I was diagnosed with jaundice. My treatment has started. How soon will the counts start normalizing?

How dangerous is liver disease?

I have an enlarged liver and spleen, with a small umbilical hernia. I need a biopsy on liver, I've been drinking alcohol for the past 10 years and on different medications for...

Can long term diabetes affect my liver functioning?

I have been suffering from diabetes for the past 12 years, and have been managing it, somewhat well. It took a lot getting used to. I know diabetes may impact kidney. But, could...

Can drinking just occasionally affect the liver?

4 years ago I had hepatitis E that thankfully went away. I have reduced my drinking after recovery from the disease. Will occasional drinking also affect my liver function?

What are the ways to recognize hepatitis?

Is hepatitis an epidemic or is it caused from alcohol consumption? My brother has a drinking problem, and I'm pretty worried about the effect that this will have long-term. What...

Can stopping alcohol consumption prevent liver cirrohosis?

I am 35 years old and since the last 6 years I have been regularly consuming alcohol. However, recently, people have warned me about the damage alcohol consumption could cause...

What is the effect of hepatitis C on the liver?

I was reading an article the other day that hepatitis C can impact the liver functioning of a person. How does the disease hamper it? Can hepatitis C be prevented?

Should I be concerned about cirrhosis?

I was an alcoholic (in my 15th year of sobriety) and am now 46 years old. Should I be worried about liver issues even though I don't drink anymore?

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