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How is a jaw disorder diagnosed?

I think there's something wrong with my jaw. I keep needing to crack it because of the discomfort it causes. At first I thought it was a habit, but I'm starting to think that...

Can I drive after having a wisdom tooth pulled?

I'm going to have my second wisdom tooth pulled, and I'm aware that anesthesia is going to be used. Can I drive after having a wisdom tooth pulled?

Can I have surgery to fix TMJ?

I am 31 years old, and have a TMJ problem. Can I have surgery to fix TMJ? Is it effective?

Is my jaw pain from wisdom teeth?

I'm 22 and I'm having jaw pain on the left side of my face, toward the back. Is this from my wisdom teeth coming in?

Can grinding your teeth cause TMJ?

According to my husband, I grind my teeth throughout the night. Right now, my jaw feels fine but I'm worried that grinding my teeth will cause something serious. Can grinding...

Do I need my wisdom teeth removed?

Do I need my wisdom teeth to be removed, even if it's not making me uncomfortable?

Why are my wisdom teeth growing sideways?

I am 19 years old and my wisdom teeth have started coming in. The left bottom wisdom tooth has starting popping through and it looks like it's growing in sideways. What causes...

Why does my son have more than 4 wisdom teeth?

My son went to the surgeon to remove two of his wisdom teeth that were causing him issues. But the x-ray showed that he didn't just have 4 wisdom teeth--he had 6? I didn't think...

Should I stay away from physical activity after wisdom tooth extraction?

I know I need my wisdom teeth removed because I'm in so much pain. They broke through too, since I see them in the back. But the thing is, I heard that after an extraction, it's...

What determines wisdom teeth removal?

Some people say wisdom tooth removal is necessary, and others say you really don't need. If you need to get a wisdom tooth extraction, what factors determine it?

Should I plan to have someone drive me home after my extraction?

I have to get two wisdom teeth removed, and I'm only getting local anesthesia for them. Should I still have someone drive me to my dentist, and pick me up, because of the anesthesia?...

How is TMJ diagnosed?

My mother has this disorder, and when doing my own research, I found that it might be genetic. How is TMJ usually diagnosed? What are the symptoms?

I had an accident and my tooth broke. What can be done about it now?

I met with an accident and my tooth broke, almost in half. If I go to get this fixed, what will happen?

Does an impacted tooth require surgery?

I have an impacted tooth in the back of my mouth, by my molars. Does an impacted tooth usually require surgery?

How is TMD diagnosed?

What is the diagnostic procedure for TMD? Are there any risk factors for it?

What is the treatment for an irregular jawline?

My jawline looks physically irregular, and I need to have this treated. Is there anything available for it?

Can facial birth defects be treated with oral surgery?

Is there a treatment for facial birth defects, like a cleft lip? What is the right age to start this surgery?

I need surgery on two impacted wisdom teeth. How long is the recovery after this procedure?

I have a wedding to attend the week after my surgery to removed 2 impacted wisdom teeth. Is a week long enough to recover from the procedure? Will I be able to eat the (great!)...

Do I need to have my wisdom teeth removed?

All of my wisdom teeth came in, and they're all kind of painful (the pain is really on and off). Do I really need to have them removed? What happens if I don't have them removed?...

How are crossbites treated?

I have a problem with crossbites, and it's really bothering me. How is this usually treated? And if I don't get it treated, could I experience any complications?

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