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Foot pain from tennis. What can a chiropractor do to help?

I play tennis a lot and I have severe foot pain, mainly in my heel. I wanted to know if a chiropractor can actually help relieve this pain so I can continue playing. If they...

What is the difference between an osteopathic physician and chiropractor?

I have lower back pain that I really want to get rid of, but I'm not sure if I should go to an osteopath or chiropractor. I've never even heard of an osteopath before my doctor...

Can chiropractic care help my diabetic neuropathy?

I've been a type 2 diabetic for years, and I was diagnosed with neuropathy in both of my feet. I heard a chiropractor, who specializes in neurological conditions, can actually...

Can a chiropractor help me with my child's GERD?

My child is 3-years-old, and has issues with acid reflux. The doctor has given us some recommendations to help her, but I'm mostly interested in chiropractic care for her. My...

What are the the best ways to relieve neck pain?

I slept wrong two nights ago, and now my neck is in so much pain. Is there anything that I can do at home to relieve this pain?

What is an adjustment like for a child?

I'm thinking about taking my daughter to get her back adjusted because she does a lot of sports and has some pain in her lower back. She's only 12-years-old, but I think an adjustment...

What can be done for my sciatica?

I have a sharp shooting pain along my thigh, and I think this is my sciatica causing me to have several issues. It hurts so much that I can barely walk some times. I need to...

I have severe whiplash from work. What is the treatment?

I pick up a lot of heavy objects at work, and after a slight incident last week--I won't go into too many details--I experienced severe whiplash in my neck and now I have to get...

What can I expect with a herniated disk?

My doctor believes that I have a herniated disk and referred me to a chiropractor in my area. How is this officially diagnosed? What should I expect the treatment to be like?...

My son has tension in his legs from playing basketball. How can I help him?

My son has tension in his legs from playing basketball, and he plays almost constantly because of school. What are some therapies that can help him not get this muscle tension?...

I'm having pain along my spine. Will a chiropractor help me?

I have a lot of pain along my spine and it's pretty unbearable. I'm not sure why it's happening, and I often try to ease it with a brace and a heating pad. Can a chiropractor...

Does scoliosis correct itself?

My daughter's school nurse found that she had a curve in her spine, which could be due to scoliosis. We made an appointment with our primary physician to have an official diagnosis....

What can I do to prepare for my adjustment?

I'm having an adjustment done because I have a lot of muscular tension in my back. Is there anything that I should do to prepare for my adjustment?

Should I go to a chiropractor for massage therapy?

I need to have massage therapy for my lower back, and I'm not sure if I should go to a regular masseuse or a chiropractic facility. Should I go to a chiropractic facility for...

Is Spinal Manipulation and Osteopathic Manipulation one and the same?

I have been suffering from stiffness in my joints, especially while walking. Should I try spinal manipulation or osteopathic manipulation (or are they the same thing)?

At what age is an adjustment safe for children?

My child has severe back pain, and she's just 13 years old. I think she needs an adjustment, but is she too young?

My mother has tremendous back pain when she lies down. Is surgery a solution to her problem?

My mother is suffering from a lot of back pain whenever she lies down. Do you think back surgery will help in resolving her problem?

Do I need lifelong physiotherapy for sciatica?

I have sciatica and I am currently undergoing physiotherapy. Will it need to be a lifelong therapy?

What is the treatment for tennis elbow?

My husband has been suffering from severe pain because tennis elbow. How is this usually treated?

Will hot fermentation help treat spondalytis?

I have spondalytis and I would like to treat it with alternative treatments, instead of the standard treatments. Will hot fermentation help treat it?

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