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Stinging pain inside the neck

I've been having this stinging pain inside the right side of my neck. It's feels like a needle or something is pricking me. It hurts so bad that I have to cough to ease the pain....

My son suffers from ADHD. Should I bring him to a chiropractor?

My son suffers from ADHD. Recently, someone suggested to me that I should take him to a chiropractor for treatment and to calm him down. Will this really help?

Can you suggest a treatment for the pain in my calf muscles?

Lately, I have been experiencing some pain in my calf muscles. Is there any treatment for this pain?

How does spinal manipulation work?

What is the meaning of the term spinal manipulation and how does it work? How could it benefit me?

Why do I have back pain while eating?

Off late I have been having a strange back pain when I sit and eat my meal. I have been having this for the last 2 days. What could be the reason for this pain?

Can you suggest some medication for treating my shoulder pain?

I am having pain in my shoulders from working long hours in my office. Is there any medication that you recommend to treat shoulder pain?

I have pain in my hips due to excess weight. What can I do?

Over the past 6 months, I gained a lot of weight. I think this extra weight is causing me to have a lot of pain in my hips. What can I do to help manage this pain?

My posture is getting a little slouched. What should I do?

I've been at the same desk job for a few years and I think it's affecting my posture. I try to keep myself straight but I eventually start slouching and then keep recorrecting...

I have a pain in my neck every morning. Can you tell me what could it be?

Every morning I wake up with a pain in my neck right where the spine starts. What could this pain be and how can I get rid of it?

Can a chiropractor help in treating foot pain?

Lately, I have been experiencing a lot of heel pain, probably because of the amount I've gained. Can a chiropractor help me in treating this foot pain?

What is the best way to help a frozen shoulder heal faster?

I have had a frozen shoulder mainly due to my work that requires me to be on the computer for nearly 17 hours. What exercises and stretches should I do to help treat this condition...

My mother suffered Bell's Palsy and is now recovering. Can a chiropractor help at this stage?

My mother is 64 years old and has been diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. After the necessary medication and treatment, she is now recovering after 4 weeks. Can a chiropractor help...

I have arthritis with severe pain in my knees. Should I see a chiropractor?

I have arthritis with pain in my knees, and I am currently taking medication for this. Can I see a chiropractor to help with exercises that could relieve and manage my pain better?...

I have a dull pain in my lower back. How can I treat it?

I have been doing zumba lately and I've also noticed a pain in my lower back. I'm suspecting it's due to sudden activity while being overweight. What can I do to protect myself?...

I have sudden pain in my left leg. How can it be treated?

I have this strange pain in my left leg, which came up quite suddenly. I feel like it's strain from working out though, since I started fairly recently. How can this be treated?...

Can a chiropractor help in treating pain due to weight gain?

I've been gaining weight for the past 3 years, and now I have a lot of back pain. My friends told me a chiropractor may be able to help relieve this pain, but I am a little reluctant....

What are the possible causes of hip pain?

I am suffering from hip pain that extends up to my thighs. It's only been happening for a couple of days. Can you please suggest the possible cause of this hip pain?

I feel my posture has bent after delivery. What can I do?

It has now been 8 months since I delivered my first child and I feel that my posture has changed. I slouch and can feel an arch in my spine. When I force myself to stand/sit...

I have a slight neck and shoulder pain every time I drive. Why does this happen?

I have a strange pain in my neck and shoulders everytime I drive. This pain goes away when I lie down. Why does this happen?

I have slight weakness in my muscles along with pain in the forearms. What could this be?

I am 42 years old and since last month I am experiencing muscle weakness along with slight pain on my left hand side. What could be the reason for this pain?

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