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Is coughing blood a sign of cancer?

Last night I had a severe cough and I saw traces of blood in my phlegm. Could it be a sign of something serious?

What tests can indicate the reason for my chest congestion?

I am having severe chest congestion. I have done an X-ray but that hasn't indicated anything significant. What tests can I do to know the reason behind my chest congestion?

What are the various factors that cause cystic fibrosis?

My father has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. I know that this diseases is typically diagnosed during childhood, but he's only been recently diagnosed. What factors could...

How is fluid from the lungs drained?

There is fluid accumulation in my mother's lungs that has happened all of a sudden. How is this fluid drained?

My son suffers from Cystic Fibrosis. Will this ever be cured?

My son has cystic fibrosis and has been managing it since he was 5 years old. I can't watch him suffer any more. Is there a cure for this disease in the future?

Is childhood asthma curable?

Is there a cure for childhood asthma? Is it possible for it to just go away on its own?

My dad is feeling breathless after his bypass. Could there be something serious?

My father is 78 years old and underwent a bypass surgery recently. He is feeling very breathless ever since the surgery. Could there be something serious?

Can asthma be cured completely?

Is there a permanent cure for childhood asthma, or will my son have this for the rest of his life?

Is breathlessness a sign of a weak heart?

My mother is breathless when she wakes up in the mornings. Could this be a sign of a weak heart?

Is there a cure for asthma?

I have been suffering from asthma for over 6 years now. I'm tired of having issues breathing. Is there a cure or just treatment to reduce my symptoms?

Does treatment of COPD require steroids?

My mother has COPD and is currently in oxygen therapy because it's still mild. But once her condition worsens, would she have to start taking steroids?


I have had a really horrible cough for a week and it is hard to breath in and out, my back is hurting. I am running a fever, but my body is cold but is also sweaty. I’m really...

What is the treatment for fluid accumulation around one side of the lung?

My mother has fluid accumulation around one side of her lungs. Can it be drained out with medicines?

My sister has been diagnosed with scarcoidosis. What can be done to treat this?

My sister has been diagnosed with scarcoidosis that is causing her lung airways to be inflamed. What can be done to treat this?

Why do I have a lingering dry cough?

I have had a lingering dry cough now for about 4 months. Why won't this go away? Other than this pesty cough - I feel fine.

Can asthma impact the lungs in the long run?

If my son has asthma at the age of 5, will it impact his lungs in the long run?

Right upper chest pain while breathing and shoulder pain into upper back

I have pain in my right shoulder and upper back like an aching feeling but have pain while breathing only on the right side. . . if I take a deep breath it hurts to the bottom...

Is combination therapy recommended for COPD?

Is combination drug therapy recommended for COPD? What are the benefits of such a line of treatment?

My daughter is suffering from COPD. Is it a lifelong disease?

My daughter has just been diagnosed with COPD from smoking, due to which she often has breathing trouble. She is quitting smoking, but is COPD a lifelong condition?

If I don’t smoke, can I still get tuberculosis?

If tuberculosis is a lung disease, am I at less of a risk if I don't smoke? How does that work?

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