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What is the treatment for fluid accumulation around one side of the lung?

My mother has fluid accumulation around one side of her lungs. Can it be drained out with medicines?

My sister has been diagnosed with scarcoidosis. What can be done to treat this?

My sister has been diagnosed with scarcoidosis that is causing her lung airways to be inflamed. What can be done to treat this?

Why do I have a lingering dry cough?

I have had a lingering dry cough now for about 4 months. Why won't this go away? Other than this pesty cough - I feel fine.

Can asthma impact the lungs in the long run?

If my son has asthma at the age of 5, will it impact his lungs in the long run?

Is combination therapy recommended for COPD?

Is combination drug therapy recommended for COPD? What are the benefits of such a line of treatment?

My daughter is suffering from COPD. Is it a lifelong disease?

My daughter has just been diagnosed with COPD from smoking, due to which she often has breathing trouble. She is quitting smoking, but is COPD a lifelong condition?

If I don’t smoke, can I still get tuberculosis?

If tuberculosis is a lung disease, am I at less of a risk if I don't smoke? How does that work?

Can the pneumococal vaccine prevent lung infections?

I have a baby who is 3 months old. We have to finish his vaccines, and the doctor said the pneumococal vaccine can prevent lung infections. Is this really true? How old should...

Is nebulization absolutely necessary for bronchitis?

My son is now 3 years old and since he was first diagnosed with bronchitis, the doctor has recommended him to use nebulizer whenever he would have it again. Does nebulization...

What is the long term impact of asthma on the lungs?

My mother has been suffering from asthma for the last 12 years. What would be the impact of this condition on her lungs?

When is one recommended a spirometry test?

My doctor has recommended me to undergo a spirometry test. What will I be able to tell from the results?

How can I treat persistent cough in my little one?

My son is 5 years old and is constantly suffering from a cough. I have tried different forms of medications but it just keeps coming back. What should I do?

Does breathelessness while climbing stairs indicate weak lungs?

I feel breathless while doing activities like climbing up the stairs, which is a pretty simple task. Could this be a sign of weak lungs, or am I just overthinking it?

Is post nasal drip along with cough sign of a chest infection?

I am having continuous post nasal drip along with a cough for the last 3 days. The doctor has started me on antibiotics but my worry is this is a sign of a chest infection.

Can one feel excessively sleepy while recovering from bronchitis?

I am recovering from bronchitis, and I've been on an antibiotic called Cefoprim. However, I am feeling extremely sleepy and drowsy due to this antibiotic. What should I do?

I have persistent cough, however my doctor says there is no need for a X-ray. Should I still go for one?

I have been having persistent cough and cold for the last two weeks. I have been on bronchodilators. I asked my doctor if I should get a X-ray done since I believe this is more...

Can soap residue in a nebulizer be a cause of concern?

I just notices that my nebulizer had some soap residue from when I washed it before, and this was already after I finished using my nebulizer machine. Should I be concerned?...

Is nebulization the same as steam?

I have heard nebulization gives instant relief in cases of a cough and cold. Is it the same as taking in steam? I have never used a nebulizer machine before, so I'm wondering...

My son has HRAD. How can it be treated?

My son is constantly suffering from severe wheezing whenever he gets cold and cough. The doctors say it is because he has HRAD. Can this condition be prevented in the future?...

Can TB recur in a person?

I had contracted TB 6 years back for which I underwent complete treatment. After the tests the doctors confirmed that I have been cured of the condition. However since the last...

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