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When should I change my contact lenses?

What is the life of lenses usually? When should I get new contact lenses?

What is causing eye watering in my son?

My son's eyes are watering almost constantly. Is there anything that I can do to treat this?

Why do I feel cloudy vision when exposed to bright colors?

My vision becomes cloudy and hazy when I see very bright colors. Why could this be happening, and can it be treated?

Problems with eyes after Cataract surgery

My distance vision is worse still 4 months after cataract and iStent surgery for glaucoma. Eyelids are swollen, crusting on eyelids upon waking up, distance vision is much worse,...

Are colored lenses bad for the eyes?

I have been thinking of getting colored lenses for my eyes. But are they bad for my eyes in the long run?

What causes retinal disorders in a person?

My mother has been diagnosed with a retinal disorder called macular degeneration. Her eye doctor says that this might cause her to be blind. What causes this disease to develop?...

Can lupus make me blind?

I have been diagnosed with lupus and I have read that it can also impact one's eyesight over time. Is it really true?

Are there drops available to treat dry eyes?

Lately, I've been having dry eyes and they've also been feeling a little itchy. Are there any drops available to treat this?

What causes boils inside the eyes?

I often get boils on the inside of my eyelids, which causes me to have severe irritation and pain. What is the reason behind this?

What is the reason for repeated pink eye?

My daughter has had pink eye 3 times in 4 months. Why does she keep getting this?

Can zero power glasses cause any harm to my eyes?

If I wear zero power glasses frequently, can it cause any harm to my eyes?

Why is my vision so hazy even after recovering from conjuctivitis?

I had a bout of conjunctivitis and I started to take medications for it. However, even after completing the medications and recovering from the infection, my vision feels hazy....

My eyes feel very heavy every time I watch TV. What could be wrong?

I have severe pain in my eyes and they feel very heavy when I watch TV. What could be wrong? Like, does the TV normally affect someone's eyes like this?

Are there any treatment for bulging eyes?

I have bulging eyes, and feel very insecure about it. Are there any treatments available for this?

Are diabetics at a higher risk for developing cataracts?

My mother is a diabetic who has had problems with her vision for her whole life. Is she at a high risk for developing cataracts?

Are there any natural ways to get rid of a stye?

I have a recurrent problem of a stye in my eyes. I am tired of putting drops in every time. Is there any natural way to get rid of styes?

What treatment do you recommend for amblyopic eye?

My daughter has been diagnosed with amblyopic eye and she is 18 years old. Is there any treatment that you would recommend for her condition?

Can steam irritate my eyes?

I have a really bad cold, and per my GP's recommendation, I used steam to try and clear out all of my sinuses. But now my eyes are irritated. Is there a connection between the...

Is there any way to treat squinty eyes without surgery?

My son has squinty eyes and I would like to correct it without surgery. Is there anything that you can recommend?

Can a two year old have glasses?

My daughter is 2 years old and watches too much TV. I fear that she might need glasses too because of the amount she watches. Is it possible for a child to have glasses at this...

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