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Why are my son's allergies worse in the spring?

My son is 10 years old and his allergies are out of control in the spring. Why is his allergy so severe? We usually treat it with Benadryl, but I feel like we shouldn't use it...

Do allergy shots really cure allergies?

My son's doctor recommended allergy shots to build up his immune system against his allergies, but I'm not really sure that they would help. How do they really work?

My son's school isn't taking his nut allergy seriously. How can I make them understand?

I've been back and forth about my son's school about what he can and cannot be around because of his nut allergy. When I talk the the principal and administration, and nurse,...

Is a dairy allergy different from lactose intolerance?

My son was diagnosed with a dairy allergy a few months ago, and when he does have milk, he usually gets rashes, nausea, stomach pains and issues breathing. I'm trying to explain...

Does a family practitioner test for allergy?

I think I have been suffering from a tomato allergy since I was a kid. It only happens at certain times of the year, where I get hives every time I eat something containing tomatoes....

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