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What are the special skills of an Emergency Physician or ER Physician?

Recently my friend was in a terrible car accident and was taken care of by an ER doctor who helped save my friend's life. It made me wonder: what is the special training that...

What is the difference between Emergency Physicians and Trauma Surgeons?

Just for my knowledge, I would like to understand that during any trauma or emergency cases, which specialists are normally attending the patient -- an emergency physician or a...

A glass piece got into my foot. What should I do next?

A piece of glass got into my foot when I stepped on it accidentally in my bare feet. I managed to take the glass piece out. What should the next steps for treatment to ensure...

Does kidney transplant surgery necessitate a trauma surgeon?

My mother needs to have a kidney transplant. I am wondering if a trauma surgeon performs this procedure? Read this article to learn more.

Do complications happen during surgery, due to anesthesia?

Is it possible to have a complication during surgery from general anesthesia? What could happen?

How is someone in critical care monitored during surgery?

My friend's mother is in the critical care unit in her hospital and needs to have surgery next week. How is someone in critical care usually monitored during surgery?

My mother has suffered internal bleeding due to a trauma caused by an accident. What will be the treatment?

My mother has been admitted in the ICU as she suffered internal bleeding due a trauma that was caused by an accident. What will be the line of treatment? She is 76 years old....

Will my daughter have to wait for her transplant?

My daughter is in critical care as she waits for her kidney transplant. Because she has an infection, does this mean that she would have to wait for her transplant?

Can you feel OK after getting hurt in a car accident and then feel worse the next day?

I was hurt in a car accident a couple of days ago. I felt shaken up and sore, but was checked at the scene of the accident and didn't accept the offer to be taken to the hospital...

Can fingers be saved after a severe injury?

My uncle was using a gas machete to cut trees and it slipped, cutting most of his fingers off on the left hand. He lost a lot of blood and passed out. For his fingers that were...

My husband suffered from a serious injury and required surgery immediately. What's the recovery time?

My husband had a car accident and suffered from a serious injury that required him to have surgery immediately. The bones in his leg were shattered. How long should we expect...

What can a trauma surgeon do for a severe head injury?

My brother just got hit by a car and is in the ICU. A trauma surgeon has been called in to salvage his head injury. What would the treatment involve?

Can trauma surgeons help in dealing with post-traumatic stress?

What exactly is the role of a trauma surgeon in dealing with posttraumatic stress? When is it recommended to go to a trauma surgeon?

How can a trauma surgeon help my son recover from a car crash?

My son is now 8 years old. He was involved in a car crash 2 weeks ago. My son is in a state of shock and partially lost his ability to walk. The doctors I have consulted have...

What is the reason for double vision following an accident?

My husband had a bike accident 3 months back. Although his injuries are healing well, he complains of double vision. What could be the reason behind this? Could it be an internal...

Is unrelated pain after an accident possible?

I got in a very minor car accident a couple weeks ago, though I did go to the hospital for whiplash. That aspect feels better but now my hips and legs are sore. Is this normal?...

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