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What can a trauma surgeon do for a severe head injury?

My brother just got hit by a car and is in the ICU. A trauma surgeon has been called in to salvage his head injury. What would the treatment involve?

Can trauma surgeons help in dealing with post-traumatic stress?

What exactly is the role of a trauma surgeon in dealing with posttraumatic stress? When is it recommended to go to a trauma surgeon?

How can a trauma surgeon help my son recover from a car crash?

My son is now 8 years old. He was involved in a car crash 2 weeks ago. My son is in a state of shock and partially lost his ability to walk. The doctors I have consulted have...

What is the reason for double vision following an accident?

My husband had a bike accident 3 months back. Although his injuries are healing well, he complains of double vision. What could be the reason behind this? Could it be an internal...

Is unrelated pain after an accident possible?

I got in a very minor car accident a couple weeks ago, though I did go to the hospital for whiplash. That aspect feels better but now my hips and legs are sore. Is this normal?...

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