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How long will it take to recover after tonsillectomy?

My son is supposed to have his tonsils removed at the end of this week. Are there any side effects that are common after the surgery? How long would it take for him to recover?...

What is gastric bypass surgery?

I'm starting to develop health problems related to being overweight and trying to get my weight under control. What are the benefits of gastric bypass surgery?

Is it possible to gain weight after a gastric bypass?

I would like to get gastric bypass surgery to help me lose my extra weight, but I'm worried that it's not going to work. Is it possible to gain weight after this procedure?

Is surgery always needed for appendicitis?

My father was diagnosed with appendicitis recently, but he doesn't have an appendectomy scheduled because he has very mild symptoms. His doctors aren't really treating it as an...

Is bariatric surgery dangerous?

I'm considering bariatric surgery to get rid of my extra weight, but I'm worried about the risks and complications of the surgery. Are there any serious complications associated...

What should I do to help my child recover from surgery?

My son is going to have his adenoids and tonsils taken out next week, and I'm worried about the pain and soreness that he might feel after his surgery. What can I do to help him...

What questions should I ask my surgeon before my surgery?

I'm going to have abdominal surgery soon, and I'm meeting with my surgeon this week to discuss the details of it. He told me to come with any questions that I have, but I'm honestly...

Is bariatric surgery safe?

Diet isn't working for me to lose weight, nor is exercise. I try to do it regularly, but I don't have the motivation to lose the weight I need to use. My doctor suggested bariatric...

Constipation after surgery?

Ever since my surgery on my hernia, I've been experiencing long periods of constipation. Could this be because of the surgery? How can it be fixed?

How do I know if I need my gallbladder removed?

I've been feeling quite a bit of pain in my abdominal area. I was already tested for appendicitis, and it came back as nothing. But my doctor mentioned that this could have something...

Can internist perform surgical procedures?

If there is an emergency, then can an internist perform any surgical procedure to avoid any kind of complications?

How do I know if my son needs his tonsil removed?

My son gets sore throats constantly, and sometimes it seems like his tonsils also get inflamed. How do I know if he needs his tonsils removed? Do doctors do any tests to see?...

How can I prepare my body for a surgery with diabetes?

I am due for a surgery in the next 10 days, and I also have diabetes. What can I do to prepare my body for the surgery?

Will my diabetes cause delay in my healing post a bariatric surgery?

I am scheduled to have bariatric surgery in 10 days, but I have type 2 diabetes--and I still have trouble managing it. Will my diabetes cause a delay in my healing?

What are the risks involved in an open heart surgery?

My father needs to have an open heart surgery. I would like to know what are the possible risks involved in this surgery?

What should be the ideal blood pressure before any surgery?

What should be the ideal blood pressure of a person before any surgery? If my blood pressure is too high, would the surgery be postponed?

Did I cause permanent damage by having sex 3 days after my hernia surgery?

Recently I received surgery for 3 hernias, a bilateral inguinal hernia and a ventral hernia. They were fixed via robotic repair with an outer mesh. As I was not told otherwise...

Are there any risks involved in appendix surgery for a 12 year old?

My son is 12 years old and has to have appendix surgery (thankfully, he doesn't have to get it urgently done). Are there any risks involved in this?

How is a tumor removed from the jaw?

A tumor was discovered in my grandmother's jaw. I'm wondering: what is the procedure for tumor removal from the jaw? How can a surgeon get into the jaw to remove the tumor?...

Should I stop taking my blood thinners before my anal fissure surgery?

I have had a bypass and now need to get an anal fissure surgery done. Should I stop taking my blood thinners to avoid any complications during the surgery?

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