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Are headaches normal with celiac disease?

I've been really careful with my diet since I was diagnosed with celiac disease. However, lately, I've been getting severe headaches that often knock me out for the entire day....

After gall bladder surgery, when can I resume my normal diet?

I underwent gall bladder surgery about one month ago. When can I resume my normal diet? Also, are there any foods I should avoid now?

What is safe to eat after gallbladder surgery?

I underwent gallbladder surgery recently. What is safe to eat after such a surgery?

How long do surgical stitches take to heal?

I had an abdominal surgery. How long will the stitches take to heal completely?

Can take-out food cause my digestive system to collapse?

I order a lot of take out food, but I know that this sort of food has very harmful effects. Can it weaken my digestive system?

Why am I passing blood in my stools?

I have been passing blood in my stools. The doctor saw my reports and says there is nothing to worry about. But I am still wondering, why do I have blood in my stools in the...

Are probiotics safe for kids?

Can I give probiotics to my child to improve his gut function?

Are there any home remedies to treat diarrhea?

My son has diarrhea every time we travel. What home remedies can I try to keep his stomach safe and to stop diarrhea?

What can I do for my bad breath?

I have a serious bad breath problem which exists even though I rinse my mouth with a mouthwash and floss after brushing. Why is this and what can I do for it?

Every night after dinner I feel very heavy and bloated. Why?

The last 10 days I have been feeling very heavy and bloated and uncomfortable (in my belly) after dinner. I'm not eating more than what I usually eat. What could be the reason...

How long does lactose intolerance usually last in kids?

After some digestive issues, my child has been diagnosed with lactose intolerance. Does this condition typically go away in kids? How long does it take for them to grow out of...

How can I stop burping?

I feel like I constantly burp and it's such a big problem. It doesn't matter if I've eaten something acidic or spicy that causes heartburn, I just burp. I'm not sure if there's...

What is the best natural medicine for stopping loose motions?

I have been experiencing loose motions, and I'm not sure why and how they're happening so frequently. What is the best medication to take for this?

Is gooseberry juice good for digestion problems?

My friend advised me to start having gooseberry juice everyday to take care of my digestive problems. Is it a safe option?

Constipation problem

I have had constipation for 2 weeks now. The first week I passed very little to none. The stools were pebble like. I took a laxative for 3 days at the end of that week and had...

Sudden abdominal pain

A couple of days ago I started to get pain from the bottom left side of my back, and the next day the pain spread to the bottom left side of my tummy. Kindly let me know why this...

I have to undergo an abdominal surgery to remove blockages from my large intestine. What will recovery be like?

I neeed to undergo an abdominal surgery. This is mainly to remove blockages from my large intestine. How long will it take for me to recover from this surgery?

Can bowel regulators become addictive?

My mother has a problem with impacted stools and now takes bowel regulators and softeners. Now she is just unable to pass motions without it. Is she addicted to these supplements...

Is there medication that can cure IBS?

My father suffers from IBS. I know that this is a stress-related condition, but is there a way for him to get it under control (or cure it)?

Will a good diet detox help clean my colon?

Is a good diet detox enough to keep the colon clean?

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