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What is the treatment for stomach flu in kids?

My child has been suffering from stomach flu for the last 2 days. He's 10 years old. His antibiotics have started but he is still not showing improvement. Can you please give...

Incomplete bowel

I had lateral sphinrectomy at the end of December. After that, I have been having trouble with complete egestion. Doctor says it's constipation, but I feel it's contraction of...


I have a pain and sometimes blood with my bowel movements about 1. 5 years. And also itching after bowel movements. I think it is hemorrhoids. Can I still treat it at home?...

Can natural medication solve gastric problems?

Is it safe for a person to rely on natural medication for treatment for gastric problems?

Bloated and humidity? Is there a connection?

I have been feeling bloated and gassy lately. I'm not sure why. I haven't been eating fatty foods or meats. I usually eat pretty light. It's also humid outside currently....

Why do I feel nausea after eating my food?

As soon as I finish eating my food, I feel nauseous. The other night it was so bad that I actually vomited. What could be wrong? My periods are regular and I do not think that...

What could be the impact of all the medications on my digestive system?

I am 48 years old, suffering from both diabetes and high blood pressure. I have been taking a lot of medication for both conditions, but could these medications have an effect...

Is surgery the only way to remove gallstones?

I recently underwent a CT scan and it showed that I had gallstones. Because they are smaller and not as many as before, my doctor said it's not urgent. I've read online that...

I have inflammation in my digestive tract. How will this be treated?

My CT scan has shown inflammation in my digestive tract. How will the doctors treat this issue?

Why do I get heartburn in the evening?

For the last 3 days I have been suffering from heartburn particularly in the evenings. What could be the reason?

Is eating a lot of eggs a problem?

I am into weight lifting and I have been advised to consume a lot of eggs. However I feel it is causing me indigestion. Is eating 6-8 eggs a day a problem?

I am having abdominal pain in the right side. What could be wrong?

For the last two days I am having abdominal pain towards my right side. What could be wrong?

What are the suggested vitamins and nutritional supplements for an IBD patient?

I believe that a person suffering from IBD needs additional nutrition support. What are the vitamins and supplements recommended for a person suffering from the condition?

Should I have soda if I have acid reflux?

I get acid reflux quite often. I was wondering if I should still drink soda if I have this problem. Can I still have it, or will I feel worse?

Why do I feel bloated after eating rice?

I have severe bloating feeling after consuming rice, which was I stopped eating it for some time. Is this bloating normal? What should I do? I

I have a pain in my stomach after eating. What could it be?

Every time I finish my meal I end up with a pain in my stomach area. It's extremely temporary and resolves itself within an hour. What could be the reason for this pain and discomfort?...

What are the more general symptoms of intestinal problems?

My gastro system seems to be working fine but I am unsure how I will be able to tell if there is a problem. There are a ton of gastro issues in my family so I get nervous. What...

Abdominal pain

I have been having pain in my lower right back and it intensifies by bending or standing for so long. I had lower right back pain for 1 week and in that week I experienced other...

I eat so little, but still I feel heavy. Is there a problem with my digestive system?

Even after eating a light meal I feel very heavy and bloated. Could this mean there is a problem with my digestive system?

What can I do to treat morning nausea?

Usually I wake up slightly nauseated, sometimes I also feel very gassy and bloated. It goes away when I eat breakfast. But is there anything I can do to prevent it or understand...

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