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Can chiropractic care help my diabetic neuropathy?

I've been a type 2 diabetic for years, and I was diagnosed with neuropathy in both of my feet. I heard a chiropractor, who specializes in neurological conditions, can actually...

Headaches from glasses. Is it serious?

Since I've gotten my glasses, I've been getting a lot of headaches for, what it seems, no rhyme or reason. I can't really take it any more, and these headaches are making it hard...

My son's hands are trembling. Could it be a neurological problem?

My son's hands are trembling, and at random points throughout the day. Why could this be happening? Could this be due to a neurological problem?

What causes gelastic seizures in a person?

My neighbor suffers from gelastic seizures, and I really haven't noticed this until the other day. I know it's a very rare type of seizure, however. What usually causes someone...

Muscular Dystrophy, new symptoms

I have muscular dystrophy and I am 47 years old. 2 years ago I started having lightheadedness, dizziness and blurred vision, pressure in my head and shakiness and now I can’t...

Is my son's sluggish speech due to anesthesia?

My son recently had a brain surgery where he was given anesthesia. Ever since he woke up from surgery, his speech has been sluggish. Is it because of anesthesia?

Why am I getting muscle cramps and spasms all over my body? How can I stop them?

I have CMT, but suffer from severe muscle spasms all over my body daily. Nighttime is worse. I get these in my legs, feet, and hands, but also severe spasms in my stomach. No...

How does radiation therapy work on cancer?

My son has had a brain tumor that was cancerous, but recently, doctors told us that his tumor is now benign and a lot smaller than it was. They now believe that it's safe to remove...

Can anesthesia lead to nerve damage?

Can anesthesia ever lead to nerve damage in a person?

My mother has internal pain in her legs. Is it diabetic neuropathy?

My mom is constantly complaining of pain in her legs and says it's like a pulling feeling from within them. Is it diabetic neuropathy? She's had type 2 diabetes for the past...

Is Parkinson's curable?

My father has just been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Is this curable? What can my dad do to slow down the progression of the disease?

How can we help a patient in chronic pain?

My mother is in chronic pain because of her kidney condition. She refuses to have dialysis, so she's currently under no treatment. What can we do to help her deal with this chronic...

Is my constant body pain for real?

I have pain all over my body, and it really takes me out for the entire day. My husband thinks that this pain isn't real and that I'm just being "lazy. " Is this true? Could...

My mother was diagnosed with early Alzheimer's and she is becoming increasingly depressed and frightened. Should I take her to see a psychiatrist?

My mother, who was diagnosed with early Alzheimer's, is becoming more depressed, frightened and panicky -- especially when she forgets something, and knows she has forgetten it!...

What is the reason behind my frequent headaches?

I am having frequent headaches throughout my whole head. NSAIDS dont seem to be helping the pain. I'm worried it's something serious. How can i tell?

What are the first steps to take in case of stroke?

What are the first few life saving steps that should be taken in case I, or a loved one, is having a stroke?

Are frequent headaches normal?

Is it normal if I have frequent headaches? Should I treat it with motrin?

Where can I find clinical trials for mild cognitive disorder?

Where can I find clinical trials for mild cognitive disorder?

Treatment for pediatrics optic nerve damage?

What is the correction for optic nerve damage in children? Is surgery needed?

How can diabetic neuropathy be treated?

My father has been diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy. Are there medications that can treat his condition and relieve his pain?

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