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How often should a child pee throughout the day?

What is the normal frequency of peeing in a 3-year-old child throughout the day?

My son has a kidney stone, is passing it the only way to remove it?

My son is only 10 years old and has a kidney stone. Is the only way for him to have it removed is by pushing it out through urination?

Can a UTI affect small kids?

My child is only 6 years old and is complaining of a burning sensation while urinating. There's no blood in her urine, but she feels abdominal pain. Could this be a UTI? How...

Fever and painful urinating in baby

My 6 month old child has a 102 fever and is crying when she pees. Her diapers smell weird too. What could be causing this?

Is it possible for children to have UTIs?

My daughter has been complaining of pain whenever they urinate, and has also complained of other symptoms related to an UTI. I'm taking her to the pediatrician tomorrow to get...

My son is complaining of pain while urinating. Could it be a UTI?

My son has been complaining of pain while passing urine. Could it be a UTI?

Can diapers cause UTI in children?

My daughter is 3 years old and goes to preschool. She still wears a diaper to school which I change after 2 hours. But, she has recently developed a UTI. Could it be due to...

Can keeping a child in a diaper for a long time lead to urinary infections?

My daughter is 3 years old and is still wearing diapers. Her diaper gets full fast and I try to change it as often as I can. Can wearing a diaper for long periods of time cause...

My child has frequent UTIs -- What's wrong?

My child has had 3 UTIs in the past 8 months (she is 7 yrs old) and our pediatrician doesn't seem to think there's an issue, but I'm worried.

What caused my child's vesicoureteral reflux?

My 4-year old son was just diagnosed with vesicoureteral reflux. What caused this? Is it genetic?

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