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What exercises would you recommend for a healthy spine?

Are there any specific set of exercises that I can do for a healthy spine?

I continue to have hip pain even after my delivery. What should I do?

I am having hip pain even after I delivered my baby. Will physical therapy help me recover faster?

After a stroke what is the recommended physical therapy?

My father suffered from a stroke but is now back home and doing a little better. What is the form of physical therapy that you would recommend for his faster recovery?

Is there any physical therapy for preventing sinusitis infections?

I keep getting sinusitis infections once every other month or so. Can I try some physical therapy or yoga to prevent this infection from recurring?

My daughter suffered facial paralysis during her delivery. Will physical therapy help in better healing?

My daughter is 32 and just after her delivery suffered from facial paralysis as her BP dropped. Though she is recovering, what physical therapy do you suggest for her fast recovery?...

My wife has a pain in her collar bone. Can physical therapy help her?

My wife has been suffering from severe pain in her collarbone even when she is taking medication. The pain is only getting worse. Can physical therapy be of any help?

I have spinal stenosis. Will exercise help?

I am suffering from back pain because of spinal stenosis. Do you think exercises and working out help me out? My doctor says that I may need surgery if this pain continues.

How long does it take for physical therapy to show impact in someone suffering from facet hypertrophy?

I am a 29 year old woman and I have continuous lower back pain due to facet hypertrophy. I am on medication and also undertaking physical therapy. How long will it take for the...

What is the treatment for cerebral atrophy?

My father has been suffering from cerebral atrophy. Can physical therapy help in treating his condition? I don't know much about this condition but I would think connection between...

After an accident how long will it take for my body to regain its original strength?

I had an accident that I really got hurt in. I didn't break anything, but I did hurt my back. While I'm slowly recovering, I feel comfortable enough to start working out. How...

Why has my knee become so stiff?

Lately my knee has become very stiff and I am unable to bend it as much as the other one. What could be the reason for the same?

What could be the cause for pain in my middle back?

I have a strange pain around my middle back region. What could be causing this problem?

Is physical therapy helpful in treating tennis elbow?

My husband has been diagnosed with tennis elbow and it is very painful for him at the moment. Do you think physical therapy will help him heal faster?

My husband has pain in between his hip and thighs. The doctor says its an inflammation. What should we do?

My husband has been experiencing pain in between his hips and thighs for the past 6 months. The doctor says that this is because of inflammation, but hasn't given us any treatments...

What is the best treatment for my finger pain?

I have a lot of pain in my fingers especially during the cold season. What can I do to manage this pain?

Can physical therapy help in lung rehabilitation?

My father had COPD and has just been discharged from the hospital. Due to his long stay his body is weak and movement is restricted. Can physical therapy help in his body and...

Why does my back hurt more during physical therapy sessions?

I am suffering from terrible back pains. The doctor has advised me to incorporate physical therapy. However, my back hurts a lot during the exercises. Is something wrong?

While running I fell, and I have a gigantic bruise on my thigh. Do I just wait it out?

I ran a marathon a few days ago and I fell, landing on my right side. I now have a huge bruise on my thigh and it's super painful. I have applied a gel and did hot pack. Will...

I have faint but consistent knee pain. What could it be?

I am having a slight pain in my knees when I suddenly get up or sit and it lingers. What could this pain be? It kind of feels like my knee needs to crack but won't. Can it be...

How can I treat my sciatica pain with physical therapy?

I have recently been diagnosed with sciatica and it is causing a lot of pain. How can I treat my condition with physical therapy? Are there any gentle exercises I can do at home?...

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