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Is strength training better for weight loss?

Is it recommended to undergo strength training for weight loss or is it better to stick with cardio?

What is Kinesio tape?

I recently read about the Kinesio tape method in physical therapy. What is it and when is it recommended for patients?

Stinging pain inside the neck

I've been having this stinging pain inside the right side of my neck. It's feels like a needle or something is pricking me. It hurts so bad that I have to cough to ease the pain....

How long should I be on physical therapy to ease my injury due to lifting weights?

I suffered a knee injury due to lifting weights and I started physical therapy last week. How long do you think recovery will take?

How is cerebral palsy managed with physical therapy?

My neighbor's son has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Can it be manged with physical therapy? If so, how?

What is athletic taping?

What is athletic taping and when is it best used as therapy for a person? Is it for any injury?

Why am I experiencing pain after losing weight?

I have been trying hard to lose weight and now after losing about 25 lb I am having a lot of body pain. It's kind of a sore pain like I had been running. What could be the reason...

Is physical therapy useful in weight loss?

I am struggling with my weight loss and I am considering going to a physical therapist to help me become more flexible. Do you think this will help me at all?

Can physical therapy help with shin splints?

I had shin splints after a muscle pull while playing baseball. Can physical therapy help me treat my condition better?

Can physical therapy help with arthritis?

My father is 70 years old and has a lot of pain due to arthritis. Can physical therapy help? I know it can help with injuries but I wasn't sure about other conditions such as...

I have varicose veins. Is it safe for me to do physical therapy?

I have a lot of leg pain due to varicose veins. Do you think it is advisable for me to do some physical therapy?

Left shoulder wider than right shoulder. What are the possible reasons?

As stated in the title my left shoulder is wider than my right, it is not a small difference either. I am 21 years old, right handed, I go to the gym and my right shoulder will...

What is dry needling in physical therapy?

I went to a physical therapist clinic and found out about a therapy called dry needling. What is this form of therapy?

After a back surgery, when can I start with physical therapy?

I had back surgery, which made me go on bed rest for a long period of time afterward. When should I start with my physical therapy to help me recover faster?

Once in a while I sleep on my hand and it gives me shoulder pain. Can you suggest some exercises I can do?

I slept on my hand and I have developed a sharp pain in my shoulders. This happens once or twice a week. Can you please suggest some exercises?

What are some back exercises that I can do while working at my desk?

I have a pain in my back which increases if I sit in one position for a while. Kindly suggest some back exercises which I can do while working.

Can physical therapy help in treating pain due to tennis elbow?

My husband had tennis elbow and had treatment. Can physical therapy help restore his elbow?

I am experiencing pain around my hip. Will physical therapy help me?

I have a lot of pain around my hip area especially when I sit or run. I'm not sure where it's coming from. Can physical therapy help?

My brother suffered a stroke that paralysed the left side of his body. Is it the right time to now start physical therapy?

My brother is 56 years old and suffered a stroke suddenly, which paralyzed the left side of his body. We want to help him regain as much strength as he can. When do you think...

Does physical therapy help in treating pins and needles pain?

The pain in my legs and feet literally feel like pins and needles, and I often feel very uncomfortable. Should I try physical therapy to get rid of this pain? I don't really...

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