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Are ayurvedic toothpastes better than flouride?

Should I prefer an ayurvedic toothpaste over a fluoride one?

Are there any natural treatments for oral thrush?

What are the ways to treat oral thrush naturally?

Can eating betel leaves cause oral cancer?

I eat betel leaves everyday after my dinner to help with my digestion. But can this really cause oral cancer?

High platelet count

I had a high platelet count the last time at the doctors. I heard about thrive vitamins to help with energy. I wanted to take them since I have low muscle tone. Will it effect...

Are there any home remedies to treat varicose veins?

Are there any home remedies to treat varicose veins? Sometimes they are painful and to be honest I am insecure of my legs because of how they look.

Thrive vitamins?

When I went to a hematologist, my platelet count was high. Someone told me about thrive vitamins to help with energy. Can I take them or will it effect my count?

What is ideal to put in a bath for a bed ridden patient?

My mother is bed ridden and we are taking care of her at home. What antiseptic is ideal to put in her bath water to ensure she is infection free?

Will my homeopathy medication contradict with my anesthesia?

I am on homeopathic medication and have to have a surgery soon. Should I stop taking them before my anesthesia? I need to have general.

Is homeopathy a good option for treating muscular pains and aches?

Can I start homeopathy treatment for treating muscular pains and aches? What is the first step?

Are there any home remedies to treat dry mouth?

I get dry mouth often. Are there any home remedies to take care of this problem?

Type of asana according to hip movement

How can we identify which one is hip closing asana or which one is hip opening asana?

How will I know if homeopathy medication is working or not?

I have started with homeopathy treatment for my PCOD. I started Apis Mellifica. The doctor has told me that this form of medication takes time to show results. How will I know...

Is there a natural treatment for eczema?

My daughter has severe eczema. The topical ointments often contain steroids and I don’t want that for her in the long run. Can I switch to homeopathic alternatives to treat her...

Are there any diet restrictions to be followed in homeopathy?

Does one have to follow any diet restrictions for homeopathic medication to work properly for them? Is it okay to have dairy products with homeopathy medication for example?

Can homeopathic medicines treat allergies?

My son is highly prone to dairy allergies. Can homeopathy treatment help in reducing his reactions in the long run?

Are natural treatments helpful in treating skin warts?

I am developing a number of warts around my underarms and back area. Is there any natural treatment that can be helpful in treating them?

Can I use homeopathic medicines for my child's asthma?

My son has mild asthma. I don't feel comfortable putting him on standard medications. Could homeopathic options help at all?

I am having a lot of acne and pigmentation on my skin. Should I try homeopathy for the same?

I am suffering from a lot of acne and I have a strange pigmentation on my skin. Do you think I can try homeopathic medicine for my problem?

My son had pneumonia a few weeks. Can I put him on homeopathic treatment to have his lungs to recover faster?

My son was suffering from pneumonia a few weeks back, and I still feel like he's breathing heavily. Will homeopathic treatments help his lungs to recover faster from this infection?...

Is there homeopathic medication for excessive bleeding during periods?

During my last two menstrual cycles, I was bleeding quite heavily. Is there any homeopathic medication that can help me treat this?

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