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Type of asana according to hip movement

How can we identify which one is hip closing asana or which one is hip opening asana?

I am having a lot of acne and pigmentation on my skin. Should I try homeopathy for the same?

I am suffering from a lot of acne and I have a strange pigmentation on my skin. Do you think I can try homeopathic medicine for my problem?

My son had pneumonia a few weeks. Can I put him on homeopathic treatment to have his lungs to recover faster?

My son was suffering from pneumonia a few weeks back, and I still feel like he's breathing heavily. Will homeopathic treatments help his lungs to recover faster from this infection?...

Is there homeopathic medication for excessive bleeding during periods?

During my last two menstrual cycles, I was bleeding quite heavily. Is there any homeopathic medication that can help me treat this?

Are there painkillers in homeopathic medicine?

Are there painkillers available in homeopathic medication? Do they work as fast as allopathic painkillers?

Can premature greying be treated?

I recently came across reports that said premature greying can be treated through homeopathy? Is it really true? What medications are prescribed?

Can homeopathic medicine help chemo side effects?

My father is dealing with some nasty chemo side effects. He feels helpless. Can homeopathic medicine help, and how?

Are there any risks involved in homeopathic treatment?

I have read an article that said homeopathic medicines use some steroids. Are there really some risks involved with homeopathy treatments?

Can you take homeopathic medications along with allopathic medicines?

I want to start homeopathy medications for my son for his asthma problem. I would like to know if homeopathy and allopathy can be mixed. Can it cause any counter interactions?...

Can homeopathy help my son fight lactose intolerance?

My son is 5 years old and has been lactose intolerant since birth. Can I try homeopathy treatment for him or is it too early? Would it work?

Is there a homeopathic remedy for treating gastric troubles?

Me and my husband are suffering from severe gastric and acidity problems, particularly acid reflux. Is there a homeopathic remedy for treating our condition?

I am having diarrhea after eating out. What can I do?

I am suffering from diarrhea after eating food from outside. I have taken emergency medication, which definitely helped it. But, can you suggest some treatment to prevent this...

Is there a homeopathic treatment available for erectile dysfunction?

My husband is suffering from erectile dysfunction. Is there any homeopathic treatment for this problem? I don’t want my husband to take steroids or anything allopathic for the...

Why are homeopathic medicines so slow in showing impact?

Homeopathic medicines are known to start showing reaction very slowly as compared to standard medicines. What is the reason for this? Can they be taken for conditions which require...

Are painkillers available in homeopathic medicine?

Instead of taking normal painkillers for body aches and pains, are there homeopathic pain killers available? Do they work as quickly as OTC painkillers?

When is a good age to start homeopathic medicine?

I have a child who is currently 2 years old. Due to his daycare, my child has a cold. I am considering switching over to homeopathic medicines for him for preventive care only....

How can I understand the ingredients in homeopathic medicine?

I have heard that steroids are used in making homeopathic medicines. Is it true? Also sometimes there are no ingredients mentioned on homeopathic medicines. How can I know what...

I have lupus. How can I treat it naturally?

Medications prescribed for me in the past have not worked. Are there ways I can naturally treat my lupus?

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