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Would an absent father affect my daughter's mental health?

Since we separated, my daughter's father has been in and out of her life. Sometimes, he'll be around for a while, other times he'll disappear for months at a time--not even call...

My friend doesn't take care of her mother. Is this elder abuse?

My friend's mom has a severe case of Alzheimer's disease, and right now, she's not really doing anything--not really taking care of her. It seems like she has no regard about...

How can I help my grandmother with her depression?

My grandmother has been very depressed since my grandfather passed away and she had to move in with me and my family. She was always so energetic but now I can hardly get her...

My son won't speak to me after his father died. What should I do?

My son's father died a month ago, and my son barely speaks to me since his death. I really don't know what to do, and I feel like it's going on for way to long. Should I take...

How can I help my child cope with my divorce?

My husband and I recently divorced, and it's getting pretty messy. My son doesn't know how to cope, and he would barely talk to either of us. We're really concerned. What can...

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