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Is a CT Scan safe for kids?

The doctor has recommended a CT Scan for my child to diagnose the reason for his convulsions. Is it safe to do a CT scan for children?

What is the best way to treat insect bites in older adults?

My mother keeps getting bitten by mosquitoes every time she goes out for a walk. She doesn't want to use bug spray because she feels like it's bad for her. What is the best option...

What is the best prevention for a simple cold and body ache?

What is the safest preventive medicine that I can take for a simple cold and body ache? I have a big trip coming up and I am incredibly sensitive to jet lag so I want to try and...

My daughter got scratched by my dog. Will she need a tetanus shot?

My daughter is 7 years old and while playing with my dog got accidentally scratched on her face. Nothing major and no blood, but there is a welt. Will she require a tetanus shot?...

Can cough and cold always be treated with home remedies?

Cough syrups make my child very sleepy. I want to find another way to help my children soothe their coughs without relying on medicine. What do you recommend?

My husband is down with a viral infection. Can it pass on to my daughter?

My husband has a viral cough and cold with fever. I basically isolated him in our room while he recovers, but he still eats with us and my daughter. How can I prevent it from...

Are there any medicines for boosting immunity when the weather changes?

The weather in my city is changing and it's becoming a little more arid, and I would like to know if there are any immunity boosters that will help my family cope from the changing...

Will ayurvedic medication counteract with my blood pressure medication?

I have started ayurvedic treatment for my diabetes and I am taking medication for my blood pressure. Will the two counteract in any way?

Can yoga help in treating hypertension?

Can I practice yoga to manage my issues with hypertension? Will it actually help me calm down?

Could my family doctor have suspected my heart attack?

I regularly go to my family doctor for periodic checkups, but I still had a heart attack last month. I'm not sure if I had any obvious symptoms, but could my family doctor have...

How do I prevent my children from becoming overweight?

Me and my husband both have weight issues and are overweight. I want to instill good habits in my son while trying to do the same for my husband and I. He is now 4 years old....

What foods should I eat more of for a B12 deficiency?

I have recently been diagnosed with a vitamin B12 deficiency in my reports. How should I change my diet? I have a dairy allergy but everything else is fair game.

Can my family doctor help me with diabetes?

I have all the symptoms, including frequent thirst and urination. My family has a history of diabetes, and my father died from it because he never knew how to manage it. I'm...

Are high hemoglobin levels a problem?

Can high levels of hemoglobin cause any problems for a person?

What really is the ideal vitamin D level?

I hear so many different things about this. I know many pills come in 5000 or 6000 IUs but I've also heard that the human body needs ten times this much. How much vitamin D...

Is fish oil safe to be given to a 3 year old?

I understand the benefits of fish oil for adults and even for dogs, but is it okay to give to children? When is it considered safe to include in the diet?

Can a no-carb diet be healthy?

I am on a no-carb diet for weight loss. Is it healthy or can it have negative implications on my health?

What creams can I use for mosquito and ant bites?

I am on vacation and I am finding a lot of little bites on my legs and arms, probably from mosquitos and ants. What topical creams should I use to soothe these bites?

What is the permissable amount of MSG in food?

There is a lot being said about the side effects of MSG in food. Is there a certain amount of MSG that our bodies should have?

Is a keto diet safe?

I have been wanting to start out on the keto diet but I am worried if it is really safe. Is there anything that I should be wary of before I start?

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