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Are high hemoglobin levels a problem?

Can high levels of hemoglobin cause any problems for a person?

What really is the ideal vitamin D level?

I hear so many different things about this. I know many pills come in 5000 or 6000 IUs but I've also heard that the human body needs ten times this much. How much vitamin D...

Can a no-carb diet be healthy?

I am on a no-carb diet for weight loss. Is it healthy or can it have negative implications on my health?

What creams can I use for mosquito and ant bites?

I am on vacation and I am finding a lot of little bites on my legs and arms, probably from mosquitos and ants. What topical creams should I use to soothe these bites?

What is the permissable amount of MSG in food?

There is a lot being said about the side effects of MSG in food. Is there a certain amount of MSG that our bodies should have?

Is a keto diet safe?

I have been wanting to start out on the keto diet but I am worried if it is really safe. Is there anything that I should be wary of before I start?

Is yoga advisable after a hip bone surgery?

My mother in law underwent a hip bone surgery and wants to go back to doing yoga. Is it really advisable?

Can frequent sugar testing cause any problems?

My mother is highly diabetic with fluctuating sugar levels. The doctor has advised her sugar levels to be tested 3 times a day. Can this frequent sugar testing cause any complications...

I am not losing weight even when I am dieting and working out. What should I do?

I am 35 years old and, despite working out and dieting, I am unable to lose weight. What should I do?

Is pink salt better than the regular salt?

I recently saw an advertisement for pink salt and its benefits. Is it really better than regular salt?

What could be the reason for sudden weight gain around the abdomen?

I am a 34 year old woman and lately, I have been suddenly gaining a lot of weight around my abdomen and hips. What could be the reason for this?

Can a family physician give me medication for my alcohol addiction?

I am addicted to drinking alcohol and I want to now get rid of the habit. Can a family physician prescribe me the necessary medication?

I have a vibrating pain on the right side of my head. What could it be?

I have a slight pain which feels like vibrations around the right side of my head. What could be the reason behind this pain? It comes and goes, usually when I'm at work.

Can practicing yoga cause blisters and callouses?

Lately I've been doing yoga every day. I'm getting the feeling in my hands that I'll get blisters soon. Is this coming from my yoga mat? Will they turn into callouses? How...

What can I do for hot flashes?

Lately I am experiencing hot flashes around when I get my period. I'm 28 and take birth control pills. I perspire easier than normal, too. What can I do to treat or prevent...

Can exercise cause blood pressure to rise?

I constantly monitor my blood pressure. After working out, my blood pressure shows a high reading. Is it normal? Is it something I should be careful of?

Should I go to the doctor?

I have been having the feeling like my right ear is plugged and I can't get ride of it and I have this ball in my neck under my jaw it the size of a marble and it's really hard....

What are the best emergency medicines to keep handy for food poisoning?

I am planning a travel with family and would like to know the best medicines to keep handy for treating food poisoning if it does occur.

Does fish oil help in reducing triglycerides?

My triglycerides were high and the doctor advised me to start fish oil supplements. Does it really help? What else can I do?

I am getting frequent sores inside my mouth. How can I prevent them?

I get mouth ulcers almost every month when I get my period and they are very painful. Is there any way to prevent these?

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