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When should a test for mono be done?

My daughter has a fever and a runny nose. Mono is going around in her school, and I have a feeling that she has it as well. What tests can be done to confirm it?

My husband works in a pathology lab. Should be undergoing some tests due to occupational hazards?

My husband works for a pathology lab. He is constantly exposed to infected samples. Should he be undergoing some tests due to occupational hazards?

My ENT found a mass in my neck. What could it be?

During a recent exam, my ENT found a mass in my neck and drew fluid from it to send to a pathologist for testing. I'm terrified. What are some of the things this mass could be?...

What tests will be done to confirm anemia?

I have anemia, and my son is getting blood work done to check if he is suffering from it as well. He's been experiencing symptoms of fatigue so I want to make sure. What tests...

What precautions should pathologist take when dealing with samples of contagious diseases?

I am going to be pathologist and I will have to deal with samples of contagious diseases. What precautions should I take?

Can creatinine fluctuate between morning and night?

My mother has been admitted for CKD and her creatinine levels are fluctuating between morning and night. Is this normal?

The results of my urine sample was vague. Did I give a bad sample?

I gave my urine sample about 2 hours ago, and the results already came back. They seem a little vague. Is it possible that the sample that I gave was bad?

What is the platelet count for which a dengue test is recommended?

My daughter has had a continuous fever, so we got her CBC test done. Her doctor said that her platelet count is normal so there is no need for a dengue test. What is the platelet...

How does a urine test differ from a saliva test?

I have had both a urine and saliva test done recently. How do the 2 produce different results?

How long does it take for bacteria to grow with a UTI?

My urine sample is being tested for bacteria, because of my UTI. How long does it take for the bacteria to grow?

What is a pus culture?

My mom's doctor was throwing this term around us earlier. What is a pus culture? How is this test done?

Second opinion on biopsy?

I had a brown mole about the size of a pencil eraser removed by shave biopsy around 2 weeks ago. I thought it might have changed shape and wasn’t sure so they biopsied it. I...

What samples are required for a DNA test?

I want to confirm if my daughter's DNA matches mine. If I do this with my doctor, what kind of samples will I be asked to provide?

My son's arterial blood gas test in the hospital is showing a high level of CO2. Should we get this checked again?

My son who is 17 years old has been admitted in the hospital for pneumonia. The lab here just took his blood to test arterial blood gas and it is showing a high level of CO2,...

Lab work done 10/09/17 showed my Absolute Lymphocytes @ 5738. This is not the first time they were high. I had one @ 5400 months before October. My...

I have had several Corticosteroid Lumbar injections, Kidney Infections, H Pylori & C-Dif prir years October 25,17 I had Surgery Lumbar FUSION.

How long should a urine culture take?

I got my urine culture report after 6 days when the technician said it ideally takes up to 3 days. Could the report be faulty because of the delay?

What does the CSF test include?

My father has been prescribed a CSF test to diagnose his neurological problem. What does the CSF test include?

My urine culture report was sent to another lab for a bacteria resistance report. Why does this happen?

I think I have a urinary infection for which the doctor has prescribed a urine culture test. Yesterday I got a call from the lab saying the sample is being sent to another lab...

My mother's biopsy confirmed a malignant tumor. Should we consider a second opinion before the treatment?

My mother's biopsy report for a growth in the lungs confirmed a tumor. Before any drastic treatment starts, can we request a second opinion from another pathology lab?

Home diabetes testing device and lab report show different results. What is more accurate?

I bought a new diabetes testing machine at home and I have been checking my sugar levels with it every day. However the lab reports and the home test numbers don’t seem to match....

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