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What kind of doctor should I see after potential knee injury?

I fell on my knee cap while playing basketball, but now I'm having issues straightening my leg. What kind of doctor should I see for this?

Calves ache when daughter runs. Why is this happening?

My daughter runs frequently because it's a part of her cheerleading practice, but lately her calves have been hurting every time she runs. She hasn't injured herself recently,...

How can a chiropractor help after a sports injury?

I pulled my muscle while lifting weights in the gym, and it's quite strained. Should I see if I can get referred to a chiropractor, to see if they can help with it? What can...

What are the symptoms of a concussion?

My son's complaining of a headache and has been having issues falling asleep. He's also a little bit disoriented. This started over the weekend, after his wrestling match. I...

My daughter has asthma and wants to start playing basketball. Is it a good idea?

My daughter was diagnosed with asthma over two years ago, and it's finally being managed after going through a few inhalers and nebulizers. Now, she wants to start playing basketball....

Will my high school son ever be the same for sports playing?

During a soccer game, my son hurt his knee very badly and needed surgery. He is recovering now with the help of a physical therapist. I am wondering-- will he ever really be...

Can my son benefit from massage therapy if he plays sports?

My son's in wrestling and he often gets back pain and injured while on the mat. Can massage therapy help him get some relief?

What is the treatment for tennis elbow?

My husband has been suffering from severe pain because tennis elbow. How is this usually treated?

I have a strain in my back after playing hockey. Should I try warm water therapy to ease it?

I was playing hockey the other day, and now I have a strain in my back. What can I do to ease the strain? I have a friend who does warm water therapy for her arthritis pain....

After a bone graft surgery, how long will I have to wait to resume my sports?

I had a bone grafting surgery around my ankle. How long will the recovery take before I can resume my sports again?

My son had an open heart surgery. Can he resume his sports again?

My son is 9 years old and had open heart surgery about 6 months ago. He was very athletic before his surgery, so you could just imagine how much he wants to get back in the field....

What is the recovery like from tommy john surgery?

My 14 year old son injured his elbow pitching during a baseball game. He is unable to move it and the doctor mentioned tommy john surgery. Will he be able to play baseball again?...

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