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Is acupuncture a better alternative to opioids?

After back surgery I was prescribed opioid pain killers to help me cope with the pain. But I know how easy it is to get too dependent on them, so I'd rather not take them at all....

What can acupuncture do for the muscles?

I've been experiencing muscle spasms in my leg and my friend suggested acupuncture after I tried a few things that didn't work. Does acupuncture work for this problem? What does...

Can my rash be from acupuncture?

I've only had one acupuncture session, and now on my hand where I had the needles inserted, I noticed a really strange rash. Could this be a reaction from the treatment itself?...

Are acupuncture reused?

This might be a stupid question, but I'm about to have my first acpuncture session. When I told my friend, she said that I needed to be careful because some acupuncturists might...

Is it normal to feel lethargic after my session?

My last session was a few hours ago, and I'm feeling really tired and lethargic after it. I haven't experienced this before after an acupuncture session, so this is a little concerning...

How often should I go for acupuncture?

I have chronic back, and I currently go get acupuncture at least once a month. But, do you think I should be going more often if I'm experiencing chronic pain?

How many points are there in acupuncture?

I understand that the placement of needles in acupuncture fully depend on the acupuncture points we have throughout the body. How many points are there?

Do you recommend acupuncture for neuropathy?

I was diagnosed with diabetes a couple of years ago, and I recently started to experience neuropathy in my left foot. Should I try acupuncture to treat the nerve damage?

When should I get acupuncture treatment for fertility?

My husband and I are having issues conceiving a child, and have been discussing the possibility of trying acupuncture to help with fertility. When is the best time for me to have...

Why is acupuncture recommended for cardiovascular disease?

My doctor recommended acupuncture, actually, to lower my risk for cardiovascular diseases because I have a family history of cardiovascular diseases on my mom's side. Why is acupuncture...

How long does an acupuncture last usually?

I want to get acupuncture done for some back pain, and I'm trying to figure out when I should make my appointment. How long does a typical acupuncture session last?

Is an achy feeling normal in acupuncture?

In my last acupuncture, I had an achy feeling once the needles were placed. I mean, it wasn't uncomfortable but it didn't feel right. Was this achy feeling normal?

If there are any complications of acupuncture, what are they?

I'm going in to get treated for chronic migraines, alongside taking my regular medication (I'm trying to ween myself off of them, to be honest). But now I'm starting to get a...

How many sessions are needed for weight loss?

I'm considering acupuncture to help with my wight loss goals, alongside my diet. How many sessions do you think I would need? My weight-loss goal is at least 30 lbs.

Can more than one condition be treated in an acupuncture session?

I'm going to get acupuncture to relieve some pain in my back and shoulders. But I also have issues with arthritis, mainly in my fingers. Can an acupuncturist work on both conditions...

How can acupuncture treat addiction?

My son is addicted to cigarettes, and I'm looking into more. . . alternative ways to treat it, I guess I could say. The patch, gum, and anything else, didn't work for him at...

Is acupuncture safe during the first trimester?

I'm currently in my first trimester of pregnancy and I want to try acupuncture to help my body prepare for pregnancy. But is the first trimester too early to get acupuncture?...

Why is acupuncture suggested for fertility?

I was reading about ways to help fertility because I'm thinking about having a child soon. Acupuncture was listed as one of the best ways to help fertility. This is really surprising...

How can acupuncture improve blood circulation?

I was reading an article for ways to improve my circulation, and a website actually suggested using acupuncture to help me. How does acupuncture help with improve circulation?...

How is acupuncture an alternative treatment in dentistry?

I know acupuncture treats a wide range of diseases and disorders, but this seems a little out there. I've been dealing with tooth pain for quite a while, and my mom suggested...

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