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Why am I dreaming about teeth?

I keep having this dream about my teeth falling out unexpectedly. It's been happening a lot lately, and I've had this dream before while I was in college. I'm trying to think...

Does depression have an effects on sleep?

Since I was diagnosed with clinical depression, or really since I started feeling depressed, I've been having strange dreams more often--and I also remember my dreams too, which...

Does psychoanalysis help with depression?

I was diagnosed with clinical depression several months ago, and I feel like the antidepressants I'm on aren't really helping. I would like to try therapy, and only therapy, to...

I think I need to talk to someone about my depression. Where should I go?

I've been feeling really depressed lately, and I'm finding it difficult to wake up every day. I feel like I need help, but I'm not sure on who to really turn to for help. Would...

Drinking himself into unconsciousness

My husband is an alcoholic. After years of treatment, counseling and AA meetings he has stopped drinking. Or so I thought. I find empty, hidden liquor bottles plus most nights...

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