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Why do I have pain in my ears whenever I hear a loud noise?

Every time I hear a loud noise it causes a sharp pain in my ears. What could be causing this?

What tests are available to me to confirm possible hearing loss?

I've been a little hard of hearing lately, and I would like to know if there are any definitive tests that I can undergo to confirm whether or not I have a hearing loss problem....

Are there any surgeries to treat hearing loss from birth?

Is there any surgery that can help correct hearing loss from birth? What would it involve?

Can my ear infection impact my hearing?

I have contracted an ear infection due to excess wax build up. Can this infection impact my hearing?

Can using earbuds make me deaf?

I have heard that using devices like bluetooth headsets and earphones can cause deafness. Is this really true?

Can vertigo lead to other problems?

It has been six months since I have experienced episodes of vertigo. Lately I feel I am not able to hear properly and it is kind of muffled. Is it due to my vertigo?

My son is having trouble hearing. What can we do?

My son is now 4 years old and is having trouble hearing. The doctors never detected anything so I'm kind of confused. What should be our next steps?

I can hear a buzz sound all the time. What is it?

I hear a buzzing sound in my ears all day long. It's kind of like an annoying fly is just around my ear and nowhere else. What could this sound be? Is it serious?

Is deafness with age a heriditary problem?

My father became hard of hearing at the age of 72 and my grandfather also lost his hearing as he aged. Are there chances that I will lose my hearing ability too? Is this hereditary...

I am hearing an echo sound while talking. What could this be?

Every time I talk I am noticing an echoing sound behind me. I'm wondering what's causing this bouncing of sound. It's getting on my nerves.

Can typhoid cause hearing loss?

My wife is 38 years old and has been diagnosed with typhoid fever after traveling to Brazil. She has been unable to hear for the past 24 hours, and the doctor said that this is...

Can hearing loss be a hereditary thing?

My grandfather lost his hearing at the age of 74 and my mother (his daughter) is now slowly hearing less. Could this be a hereditary issue? Will I also be affected with this...

What is the treatment for a balance problem?

According to an ENT specialist, I am having some issues in my ear pertaining to balance. This helps explain why I always felt off-balance, but what does treatment involve, if...

Can my father hear again?

My father is 75 years old and was suffering from partial hearing loss. However, in a recent examination by an audiologist, we came to know that even a hearing aid will not be...

What is the treatment for the ringing sound in my ears?

There's like this weird sound in my ears, like the ringing of a bell. Is there treatment for this? Is it real or all in my head?

My son who is 5 years old is having a ringing sensation in his ears. Is it treatable?

My son is 5 years old and has been complaining of a ringing sensation in his ears for the last week. At first, I ignored it saying it may be temporary, but later I read that the...

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