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What are the other types of anesthesia that is used in surgery?

I know general anesthesia is pretty standard, but are there any other types that patients should be aware of?

Does local anesthesia also make one drowsy?

Can I feel drowsy from local anesthesia?

Why do I have dry mouth after the anesthesia?

I had surgery 3 days ago, and was under anesthesia. Ever since, my mouth has been extremely dry. Could the two be related?

Is back pain possible after an epidural?

I gave birth to my son 3 weeks ago. Ever since my delivery, I have been experiencing back pain where the epidural was injected. Does epidural cause back pains normally?

Are older patients at risk for confusion after anesthesia?

My mother is 78 years old and needs to have hernia surgery. She already has confusion quite often, but I am wondering if anesthesia can make this worse?

Should blood thinnners be stopped before a surgery?

I am having surgery on my back in 2 weeks. Should I stop taking my blood thinners some time before the surgery? Will they cause any complications due to the anesthesia?

What can I expert during and after being under anesthesia?

I am having surgery, and I am scared about being under anesthesia. What can I expect?

Is general anesthesia safe for an 86 year old woman?

My mother is 86 years old, and is having a benign tumor removed from her. Is general anesthesia safe for someone her age? Would she be better off opting not to have the surgery?...

Can having been a long time smoker have an effect when I am under anesthesia?

I have been a smoker for over 30 years, and am having surgery next week. Am I at a higher risk while under anesthesia because I have been a smoker for so long?

What could happen if I stop breathing under anesthesia?

I am going to be having surgery, and will be under general anesthesia. I am worried I will stop breathing while under anesthesia. Can this happen?

Does general anesthesia during a C-section have an affect on your baby?

I am scheduled to have a C-section in 2 weeks, and am nervous about being under general anesthesia. Can it have an affect on my baby?

Is my fever a side effect of anesthesia?

I have a procedure done yesterday where I was given anesthesia. Since then, I have had a low grade fever. Is this connected to the anesthesia?

Is vomiting after anesthesia normal?

I had surgery 2 days ago and have been vomiting on and off since. Is this a normal reaction to anesthesia?

Is anesthesia safe for a person who suffers with seizures?

My brother has epilepsy, and suffers with seizures frequently. He is scheduled to have surgery in 2 weeks for a knee injury, and is very nervous about being under anesthesia with...

For a skin grafting procedure, are you given general or local anesthesia?

My brother is having a skin grafting procedure done, and is very nervous about it. Will he be given general anesthesia or local anesthesia?

Can anesthesia cause depression?

My mother was under anesthesia for an endoscopy yesterday. Since then, she seems to be severely depressed. Can this be caused by the anesthesia?

Is it safe for an 86 year old to go under anesthesia?

My mother has a non-cancerous tumor on her brain, and her doctor is advising she have it surgically removed, but is giving her the choice. She is leaning towards the surgery,...

What are the possible side effects to anesthesia?

My wife is having surgery, and has never had anesthesia before. Are there any common side effects we should be looking out for?

Will anesthesia have a lasting effect on my blood pressure?

I am scheduled to have surgery in 3 weeks, and my blood pressure has been quite low. Is it safe for me to go under anesthesia?

Is anesthesia risky for a COPD patient?

My son has COPD, and is having an unrelated surgery done. Is anesthesia risky in his case?

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