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Why was my son given anesthesia for a CT scan?

My son has just been taken in for a CT Scan. He is 3 years old and was given anesthesia for the test. Is it appropriate?

Can three epidurals be a problem?

I am pregnant with my 3 rd child. I have had two C-sections so expecting this to be the same. Will a 3rd epidural be risky?

Can I feel drowsy a week after my anesthesia was delivered?

I was given anesthesia for my DNC a week ago. I am feeling drowsy and very sleep. Can the effect of anesthesia stay this long in the body?

If my anesthesia is delivered in the back, can its traces mix in the spinal fluid?

If I am being given anesthesia for my C-section, is there a chance that the medication would leave traces in my spinal fluid?

What could be the symptoms of an anesthesia overdose? Is it possible?

During surgery how would the surgeon know if the dose of anesthesia is sufficient or more than what the body can take? What happens?

What should I expect during general anesthesia?

I am due for surgery and it’s my first time. What can I expect when I am given general anesthesia?

Are there precautions associated with giving anesthesia for diabetic patients?

My mother in law is heavily diabetic. She has to have a hip bone surgery which will be done under anesthesia. Can there be any counter interactions?

Why do I have numbness in my face after an anesthesia?

I got my wisdom teeth taken out, and I was given anesthesia. I still have numbness in my face after 2 days. What could be wrong? Or is this normal?

How will I know if I am allergic to anesthesia?

I have to undergo a surgery for where I will be given anesthesia. Is there a way to know if I am allergic to anesthesia or not?

How does anesthesia work on the body?

I am curious to know how exactly does anesthesia work on sedating the body? Also what are the risks involved in anesthesia administration?

What are the risks of anesthesia for a patient suffering from COPD?

The doctor wants to do a bronchoschopy for my father who is a COPD patient. The doctor says the procedure will be done giving him anesthesia. Will his condition have any risks...

Is it risky to undergo anesthesia with a common cold?

I am due for a D&C for which the doctor will have to administer anesthesia. I have a bad cold, should I postpone the procedure?

I am planning to pierce my nose. Is there an ointment that I can apply to numb the area and ease the pain?

I am getting my nose pierced tomorrow. Can you please recommend some kind of an ointment which will ease the pain while piercing?

I had a root canal treatment and my inner cheek is swollen. Is it normal?

I had a root canal treatment about 3 hours ago. The doctor gave me 3 anesthesia injections. My inside cheek still feels very numb and is swollen. Is it a normal reaction? For...

Can anesthesia interact with breast milk?

I am 29 years old and I have a baby who is 1 years old. I recently underwent a DNC for which I was given anesthesia. Can I breastfeed him again, or should I wait a little while?...

For corn removal will the doctor give me anesthesia?

I have a corn on my foot, so the doctor said that he will cut and remove it. I'm really unsure of what this procedure would be like, so will he give me local anesthesia for the...

How long does anesthesia stay in the blood?

My son is 6 years old and was administered mild anesthesia for a CT scan. I would like to know for how long will the anesthesia be present in his blood stream?

Can hypertension along with anesthesia become a problem?

I am 37 years old and I am suffering from hypertension. I am due for a minor surgery for my back. While the doctors have assured me everything's fine, I am worried if the anesthesia...

Is local anesthesia better than general anesthesia?

Is local anesthesia better over general anesthesia? What are the factors considered before finalizing upon which anesthesia is better over the other? What if the patient has...

Can anesthesia cause drowsiness long after surgery?

My mother underwent a bypass and due to some complications, was given anesthesia twice during the surgery. She is now back home but feels very sleepy and drowsy. Could it be...

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