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Colonoscopy question

I am scheduled for my first colonoscopy. Will I need to have general anesthesia for this test?

What is the recovery time for "trigger finger?"

I have "trigger finger" and will need to be scheduled for surgery. What kind of anesthesia is used for this hand surgery? Also, what is the recovery time for a procedure like...

Is anesthesia risky for a sleep apnea patient?

My husband has sleep apnea. He is going to undergo surgery soon and will need anesthesia. Is it risky for him?

Does anesthesia remain in the breast milk just after delivery?

I am going to undergo a C-section and would like to know -- is the anesthesia that I get during the surgery likely to pass on to my baby through the breast milk?

Do I need anesthesia for a laser eye surgery?

I'm having laser surgery to get rid of cataracts in my eyes. Will I need to have anesthesia for these laser procedures? If so, what kind of anesthesia? If not. . . how bad is...

I have a heel spur. Does the treatment involve anesthesia?

I have a painful heel spur that needs to be treated. Does the treatment involve general anesthesia? If so, why? Can I just have a local for this foot procedure?

My son has a small throat polyp. Will he have to under general anesthesia for the surgery?

My 13 year old son was diagnosed with a small, benign polyp in his throat. He will need surgery to have it removed. Does this type of surgery require him to go under general...

I'm having a nose job. Will the anesthesia affect my high blood pressure?

I have high blood pressure. In a couple of weeks, I'm having plastic surgery to fix my nose. Will the anesthesia affect my blood pressure? I'm a bit nervous about it.

Can anesthesia in elderly patients cause excessive sleep?

Can anesthesia given to an elderly patient who is 78 years old cause excessive sleeping?

Will fasting and anesthesia lead to any complications in my surgery?

I am a diabetes patient and can't stay hungry for too long. I have a surgery tomorrow, and obviously, I'm a little worried. Will anesthesia and fasting cause any complications...

Does anesthesia cause any developmental issues in kids?

My son had to be operated under anesthesia for a fall he had. He is just 3 years old. Can the anesthesia trigger any developmental problems in him?

Is it true that anesthesia for obese people is riskier?

Is it true that anesthesia given to obese people is riskier than normal people?

Can anesthesia cause laryngospasm?

Can anesthesia put me at a risk of laryngospasm?

Will anesthesia also reduce my post operative pain?

Will the anesthesia given during my operation also help to reduce my post-op pain?

Is plastic surgery done with anesthesia?

Will I be given anesthesia during my hair transplant? Is it really necessary?

For a bronchoscopy, will I need anesthesia?

I need to have a bronchoscopy, will I be given anesthesia for it?

Can I get anesthesia two times in a time gap of just one month?

I recently underwent a root canal treatment for which I was given anesthesia. Now I need another root canal to be done. Is another anesthesia in just one month okay?

Are there any food restrictions after anesthesia?

Will I have to maintain any food restrictions after receiving anesthesia?

Can anesthesia lead to nerve damage?

Can anesthesia ever lead to nerve damage in a person?

Is anesthesia needed for a fistula procedure?

My mother needs to have a procedure for her fistula. Will she require anesthesia for this? If so, what kind would it be? She's also over 70 years old.

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