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How are crossed eyes treated?

My friend's son has crossed eyes. How can this be corrected? Is there a non surgical way to correct it?

When should I get my daughter's first eye checkup done?

I have a daughter who is 3 years old. I think she spends the same amount of time with screens as any other normal 3 year old. She also looks at books when I read to her. When...

Are all babies born with blue eyes?

I delivered my child recently and she has blue eyes, when both my husband and I do not. My friend told me that all babies have blue eyes. Is this true? Why are all babies born...

Can eye puffiness be a sign of an illness?

I've noticed puffiness around my eyes. Could this indicate some kind of illness?

Are there any risks involved with a LASIK surgery?

I want to get a LASIK surgery done and would like to know if the surgery has any risks involved. Should I be worried?

How can I protect my eyes while working in front of the computer for close to 8 hours a day?

I have a computer-related desk job that really strains my eyes. How can I protect my eyes while working long hours?

Are colored lenses safe for your eyes?

I have to wear colored contact lenses for this play that I am. But, are they safe?

What does it take for an eye transplant to be successful?

I've recently read about eye transplants, which I never even thought possible. While it's such a great thing, how can it be successful and who is usually recommended for it?

My mother often complains of itchiness and stickiness in eyes. What is the remedy for this?

My mother has very sensitive eyes and often complains that her eyes feel sticky. What is the remedy for this?

Do eye cosmetics cause blindness?

I am a makeup artist and I use a lot of eye makeup cosmetics. I can suddenly feel my eyes burning. I am now worried, can these cosmetics cause blindness?

How long is the recovery from a cataract surgery?

My mother recently underwent a cataract surgery and her vision is blurry after 10 days from the surgery. How long does the recovery actually take?

My mother's eyes always seem red. What could be the reason?

My mom's eyes are always red and dry, and she usually has a lot of dark circles around her eyes. What could be the reason for this?

What is the treatment for diabetic eye disease?

My mother has high blood sugar levels, even when she is taking her insulin. But, now she is complaining about her blurry vision. The doctor told her that it could be diabetic...

Why am I having a burning sensation in my eyes?

My eyes feel like they're burning, especially while I'm outside exposed to a hot sun. Why does this happen? And, how should I approach this? Would eyedrops help?

Can being in the sun without UV protection harm my eyes?

I often get out in the sun without the proper gear or UV protected sunglasses. Is this likely to harm my eyes in the long-run?

Are artificial tears safe for the eyes?

I have a play and need to use artificial tears for the role I have. Is it safe to use them? Are there any side effects that I should be aware of?

What could be the reason for pain in my left eye?

My left eye is hurting a lot, and it's sometimes making me twitch. Could there be any reason for this?

What do you recommend for an allergic reaction with the eyes?

With the increasing temperatures, my eyes get a burning sensation and even turn red. I think this is probably due to allergies. I try to wash them out the best I can once they...

Can using under eye creams harm the eyes in any way?

I am 36 years old and I started to notice that the area under my eyes is darkening. I have started using under eye creams, but I am worried if these could harm me in any way....

Can high blood pressure cause eyes to become blood red?

My mother has really high blood pressure that she takes pills for, but lately, I've noticed that her eyes are bloodshot. Could this be due to high blood pressure?

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