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Why is epinephrine used with lidocaine?

My procedure is going to use epinephrine and lidocaine together, but I don't know why epinephrine is really necessary. Why is it going to be used with lidocaine for my surgery?...

How long does it take for lidcaine to wear off?

I needed anesthesia for my extraction today, and that area is still numb in my mount. It's been two hours already. How long does lidocaine usually last?

Can anesthesia negatively affect my heart?

I already have a weak functioning heart as it is, so I'm nervous about my appendectomy since I know I'm going to be under general anesthesia. Would anesthesia make my heart function...

Why does anesthesia cause people to shake when coming out of it?

My aunt experience the chills once she regained consciousness after surgery. When my mom asked the doctor why it was happening, he said it was completely normal and from the anesthesia....

How long would I be sedated for a colonoscopy?

I chose to be sedated during my colonoscopy. My doctor wanted me to do it without the sedation, but I feel uncomfortable with the whole procedure already, so I'd rather be sedated....

Is there proof that anesthesia could cause ADHD?

A long time ago, Fox published an article about anesthesia being a cause of ADHD. For some reason I was thinking about this again, and I looked it up on google and saw a few studies...

Why is my son hyper after anesthesia?

My son was under general anesthesia for his surgery, and now that he's home, he's more hyper than usual. I did expect his mood to change after having general anesthesia--like...

What's the point of palliative sedation?

My aunt, who was in hospice before she died, was sedated--I'm just wondering about the reason for sedating someone in hospice care? Is it just for pain, so they wouldn't suffer...

Is anesthesia used during colonscopies?

I'm going to have my colonoscopy soon--really as a precautionary measure because colon cancer runs in my family. My only question is am I going to be receiving some sort of anesthesia...

Is there a difference between local and regional anesthesia?

I've heard anesthesiologists throw both of these terms around, and I can't imagine them having much of a different meaning. Is there a difference between these types of anesthesia?...

Sore throat from anesthesia?

I had a surgery done a few days ago, and was administered anesthesia through a tube. Since then, I've been experiencing a sore throat. Could the two be connected?

Does orthopedic surgery use general anesthesia?

I need to have surgery on my foot because I fell on top of it and broke it in 3 different places. I needed to wait until this week to have the surgery because it happened over...

Is general anesthesia sometimes used for wisdom tooth extractions?

I have to get my wisdom teeth removed, and I'm a little nervous for the procedure. Do these procedures sometimes need general anesthesia?

Do children experience side effects of anesthesia?

My child needs to have gallbladder surgery, and she's only 13 years old. She's going to be under general anesthesia for the surgery, but is it possible for her to experience any...

Can anesthesia in elderly patients cause excessive sleep?

Can anesthesia given to an elderly patient who is 78 years old cause excessive sleeping?

Will fasting and anesthesia lead to any complications in my surgery?

I am a diabetes patient and can't stay hungry for too long. I have a surgery tomorrow, and obviously, I'm a little worried. Will anesthesia and fasting cause any complications...

Does anesthesia cause any developmental issues in kids?

My son had to be operated under anesthesia for a fall he had. He is just 3 years old. Can the anesthesia trigger any developmental problems in him?

Is it true that anesthesia for obese people is riskier?

Is it true that anesthesia given to obese people is riskier than normal people?

Will anesthesia also reduce my post operative pain?

Will the anesthesia given during my operation also help to reduce my post-op pain?

Can I get anesthesia two times in a time gap of just one month?

I recently underwent a root canal treatment for which I was given anesthesia. Now I need another root canal to be done. Is another anesthesia in just one month okay?

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