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Is there any treatment for PCOD?

My daughter has PCOD and isn't able to conceive because of this disorder. Is there any treatment for her? She wants children in the future, and I want to do everything that I...

I was diagnosed with inflammed pelvic disease that caused blockages. Will I ever be able to concieve?

About 7 years ago, I was diagnosed with inflamed pelvic disease. I was treated for it a while back, but it caused me to have some blockages in my fallopian tubes. Will I ever...

Is it risky to delay my conception with PCOD?

When I started to have my period, I've had PCOD. Now that I'm married and 32 years old, I'm thinking about wanting to have children. . . just not yet. I don't want to conceive...

Can taking Plan B for a while cause infertility?

I have been regularly taking Plan B as a form of birth control and I am now worried that it could cause me to be infertile. Is this true?

Should I go to the doctor?

I have been having the feeling like my right ear is plugged and I can't get ride of it and I have this ball in my neck under my jaw it the size of a marble and it's really hard....

Can repeated vaginal yeast infections cause infertility?

I am susceptible to yeast infections. Since I've introduced probiotics into my diet, I've been getting them less frequently thankfully, but I still get at least 1 a year. Can...

Does IVF cause any problems for the baby?

I am 34 years old and despite of trying for the last 6 years, I have been unable to conceive. I am planning to now undergo IVF, but does this put my child at a risk of any deformities?...

My sister has had 3 failed IVF attempts. Should she try further?

My sister is 34 years old and has had 3 attempts at conceiving through IVF. Should she give it another try? I keep trying to convince her to see another doctor -- maybe another...

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