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For how long should I have pain after my hip replacement?

I had hip replacement surgery about a month ago. However, I am still having a lot of pain post the surgery. How long should this pain last?

How soon will I be able to run again after a knee replacement surgery?

I had knee surgery 10 days ago and I still have trouble walking. Before the surgery, I would run everyday and now I feel like I won't be able to do the same for a very long time....

My mother is having a lot of back pain. Is a back surgery advisable at the age of 74?

My mother is 74 years old and has a severe case of diabetes. She has been experiencing back pain, on and off, for no obvious reason. Her doctor believes that she might need back...

Anal fissure

I just wanted to know that if I consult Orthopaedic surgeon for anal fissure or a general surgeon!? Currently I am using GTN ointment

What's the usual recovery time after hip surgery?

I am scheduled to undergo a hip surgery next week. What is the typical recovery time? I'm particularly active, and I want to go back to exercising as soon as I would be able...

My father has a disc problem. Should we go for physiotherapy or surgery?

My father has been suffering from severe back pain and hip pain. We visited an orthopedic who suggested an MRI scan to be done. The scan revealed a problem with L5-S1. My father...

I am suffering from severe numbness in my foot after a hip replacement surgery. Is it normal?

I had a fall due and broke my hip bone. I underwent a hip replacement surgery and after 1 month of the surgery I am finding numbness in my foot. Is this normal, or should I be...

My mother is going in for a Hip replacement surgery. What should I ask the doctor?

My mother fell and is due for a hip replacement surgery. What are the key things that the doctor will check for? Also, what are the main questions I should ask before scheduling...

Locations of sacroiliac joint pain

I have been diagnosed with sacroiliac joint pain in the past. I am now experiencing similar yet more severe pain in my hip, groin, and lower back. Does this sound like sacroiliitis...

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