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I find my breasts becoming very heavy before my period. Is it normal?

Every time before my periods I find my breasts becoming very heavy. Is this normal?

Why is there a foul smell in my white discharge?

I have been noticing that my white discharge has a very foul smell. Why could this be happening?

I recently experienced an ectopic pregnancy. How did this happen?

I recently had an ectopic pregnancy. I had to have a procedure to remove the egg from my fallopian tube. What cause this ectopic pregnancy to happen to me, and how can I prevent...

Can an abortion reduce my chances of getting pregnant in the future?

My fiance and I are getting married in 6 months, but I just found out that we are pregnant now. Terrible timing! We are just launching careers and saving for our new house, and...

I have a pus-filled boil in a very sensitive and embarrassing area. What should I do?

I have a large pus-filled boil near my vagina. Will this kind of thing spread to other parts of my body? Also, how do I treat this so that the boil goes away?

Will yoga help in treating my hip pain?

I am having hip pain ever since I delivered my baby. Will yoga help in treating it?

My sister has hemophillia. Should she have a baby?

My sister has hemophillia. Are there chances that it could spread to her child? Are there risks if she's pregnant?

I'm pregnant, and I feel like I'm gaining a lot of weight. Is there anything I can do?

I'm putting on a lot more weight than I should. Even my OB-GYN said so during one of my check-ups. I thought it came naturally with pregnancy, but I just feel like my self-esteem...

Will acupuncture treat my menstrual cramps?

I have a lot of pain because of my period. To the point where Advil does absolutely nothing for me. Will acupuncture help treating it?

I was diagnosed with inflammed pelvic disease that caused blockages. Will I ever be able to concieve?

About 7 years ago, I was diagnosed with inflamed pelvic disease. I was treated for it a while back, but it caused me to have some blockages in my fallopian tubes. Will I ever...

Is it risky to delay my conception with PCOD?

When I started to have my period, I've had PCOD. Now that I'm married and 32 years old, I'm thinking about wanting to have children. . . just not yet. I don't want to conceive...

Why do I have a burning sensation while urinating during my periods?

I am having a strange burning sensation while urinating and this only happens when I get my periods. What can be causing this?

Why do I have back pain during my period?

Every time I have my period, I end up getting severe back pain. Why is this?

Is it safe to conceive after gastric bypass surgery?

I underwent gastric bypass surgery 1 year ago. I am now planning to conceive, am I at any risks?

What causes implantation bleeding?

My wife is pregnant and had spotting which the doctor said is implantation bleeding. Why does this happen?

Is it safe to have sex in the 8th month of pregnancy?

I am in the 8th month of pregnancy and would like to know if sex is safe at this point? Will it hurt the baby?

How to treat swollen feet in pregnancy?

I am having a lot of swelling in my feet in the 4th month of my pregnancy. What should I do? Will it go away?

What are the side effects of a birth control pill?

I am planning to take Ipill and would like to know what are the side effects?

How do you predict when to have sex if you have PCOD?

If my girlfriend and I want to have unprotected sex but she has PCOD, how do we know if she is ovulating or not?

Can pregnancy cause eye strain?

I am 5 months pregnant. Over the past couple of weeks I suddenly have to strain my eyes to see things in the distance, or when driving. Can this eye strain, which is new for...

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