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I missed my period by 1 week. I want to take a pregnancy test. When should I?

I have missed my period by 1 week. When would be a good time for me to take a pregnancy test?

Do fibroids grow back after surgery?

My daughter has been diagnosed with fibroids and the doctor says it requires surgery. However, are there chances that it could grow back after?

Why do I have some bleeding after sex?

The last two times I had sex with my husband I have had slight bleeding. No pain. What could be the reason for this?

Is it normal to get back pain before periods after my C-section?

Ever since I had my c-section, I have been getting bad back pain just before my periods. Is this normal?

Is urinary incontinence normal during pregnancy?

I am 6 months pregnant and I am experiencing urinary incontinence. The doctor says it is common and nothing to worry about. Will it get better on its own after my delivery?

Is it safe for me to conceive if I am on antidepressants?

I have been on antidepressants for my depression for the past 6 months. I am planning to conceive. Could there be any counter interactions?

Can symptoms of PMS be managed?

I suffer from extreme mood swings and cramps right before my period. Is it possible to manage my symptoms of PMS?

Can fibroids cause issues in pregnancy?

I have fibroids and I want to get pregnant. The doctor says surgery is the only option. Will it really cause problems in my pregnancy?

What are the risks of high blood pressure in the sixth month of pregnancy?

My wife is six months pregnant. However, her blood pressure is quite high. What are the possible risks in her pregnancy?

Why do I feel so drained 3 months after my delivery?

I delivered my baby 3 months ago and I feel extremely drained out. What could be the reason for this? Is it normal or could it be some deficiency?

Are vaginal washes safe?

I have recently heard a lot about vaginal washes, but have been skeptical about their usage. Are these vaginal washes really safe? Or, is there a risk with infection?

I have a burning, stinging, itchy feeling with my vagina

My vagina feels itchy and burns and stings when I pee, I can barely move. Very uncomfortable. What could it be?

Complex cyst

A trans vaginal ultrasound found a 1. 9 cm complex cyst on my ovary. My doctor ordered another ultrasound in 7 weeks. Do these indicate cancer? Very concerned. I do have...

Does working in front of the computer for long hours cause hormonal imbalances?

I read an article that said working long hours in front of a computer causes a hormonal imbalance. Is this really true?

Can a massage after pregnancy help me gain strength faster?

Is it true that body massages after a pregnancy help a woman regain her strength faster? I have recently delivered a healthy baby and I feel like I'm very weak.

Does an abortion bring down the chances of future pregnancy?

I had an unplanned pregnancy, so after talking to my partner, we decided to have an abortion. Now I am worried if this could bring down my chances of getting pregnant again....

After aborting through pills do you still need DNC?

I was 4 weeks pregnant and I took abortion pills to abort my pregnancy. Will I also have to undergo a DNC?

What medication is prescribed to shrink the cyst size in case of a PCOD patient?

I was diagnosed with PCOD 20 years ago. Lately, I have been gaining a lot of weight and the doctor said we will do a check up to see if the cyst has grown beyond the permissible...

Can Regesterone tablets cause weight gain?

The doctor has me on Regesterone tablets to get my periods regulated. But, I know there are a lot of side effects associated with it. Can this tablet also cause weight gain?...

My daughter is 14 years old and still hasn't gotten her period. Should I be worried?

My daughter just turned 14 year old, but she still hasn't started her period. I'm worried, as all of her friends already had it for a few years, but her pediatrician says this...

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