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Are painkillers safe to have for menstrual cramps?

I am 34 years old and I have always had severe cramps. Over the counter medications really do not help me at all. Can stronger painkillers help, and are they safe to take for...

I have soreness around my vagina after sex. What is causing this?

After having sex, I have extreme soreness around my vagina. I am very worried. What is causing this and can it be cured?

Can fibroids recur after a surgery?

My daughter has been diagnosed with fibroids and we are planning to get a surgery done to remove them. I want to know can this problem recur even after the surgery?

During my period, I experience severe lower and upper back pain. Is this normal?

When I get my period, I experience a sharp pain in my lower and upper back. It usually lasts for about 2 days on and off, and over the counter pain medication such as midol and...

Is it safe to fly when you are 6 months pregnant?

Is is safe for me to fly when I am 6 months pregnant?

After I use an MTP kit, how long will I continue to bleed?

I used an MTP Kit after my pregnancy test came positive. I am now having bleeding. How long will the bleeding go on for?


I have a vaginal yeast infection (recurrent). I take fluke 150 three times in three weeks. One time in one week, I use candid v jelly daily at bedtime for one week. But I have...

Can tampons cause a urinary tract infection?

I have always used tampons, but have recently been getting frequent UTI's. Can tampons cause these infections?

How often should you have your IUD replaced?

After the birth of my first child a little over a year ago, I got an IUD. How often should I have it replaced?

What can I do to increase my chances of getting pregnant?

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for a few months now. Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of getting pregnant?

Extended heavy menstrual cycle

My wife has had a heavy flow period for almost 3 weeks now. She is 48 and we have 6 children. 4 were natural births and 2 were c section. She was diagnosed and treated for uterine...

My daughter is 14 years old and hasn't gotten her period. The doctor says it's normal but I'm worried.

My daughter is 14 years old and has yet to get her period, which to me is strange, because her friends already have gotten theirs and my period started when I was 12. According...

I want to delay my period because I am travelling. When should I be taking my pills?

I am scheduled to take a trip but I am worried I will get my period. When can I start taking my pills to delay my periods?

According to my latest scan, my baby is huge. Will it cause any problems in my delivery?

My recent ultrasound showed that I have a huge baby. Will it cause any issues in my delivery?

Can sperm count be increased with exercise?

My husband's sperm count is on the lower side and I am unable to conceive. Can exercise or increased activity in general help in increasing sperm count?

My discharge is thick and smelly. Is it an infection?

For the last two days my white discharge is thick and also has a weird smell. Could it be the sign of an infection?

Will my pregnancy hip pain subside after delivery?

I have terrible hip pain and I am in the sixth month of my pregnancy. Will this pain subside after my delivery?

Is it safe to have oral sex during pregnancy?

I am 3 months pregnant and I would like to know if there are any risks involved with oral sex during my pregnancy?

Why do I feel a lack of sex drive after giving birth?

I recently delivered my baby and ever since, I have lost interest in sex. Is it normal? Will it improve on its own or will I have to take medication or something?

Can masturbation cause problems with urinating?

I masturbate every once in a while, and lately I've noticed a small bleeding while/after masturbating. I also feel a constant urge to pee after I'm done. Usually only small amounts...

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