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Can radiation cause leukopenia?

My son has leukemia and is on radiation therapy to treat it. But his white blood cell count keeps going down. Is it possible for radiation therapy to cause leukopenia?

How long does a radiation therapy treatment usually last?

I have to have radiation therapy. What determines how long it usually lasts?

Can radiation therapy weaken bones?

If I undergo a radiation therapy to treat my cancer, will it weaken my bones? I am trying to weigh each of my options before making a decision.

Is chemotherapy painful?

I am due to start chemotherapy sessions for nasal cancer. I am very worried and would like to know if chemotherapy is painful while it's being done.

For uterine cancer is radiation required even after removing the uterus?

My mother was diagnosed with uterine cancer and we immediately got her operated for removal of her uterus. However, the doctors say that she will also have to undergo chemotherapy...

My dad is having a high grade fever. When can he do his next chemotherapy session?

My dad is undergoing chemotherapy for gall bladder cancer. He recently had a viral infection due to which is having high grade fever. The doctor has said it is not advisable...

My skin looks burnt after a radiation therapy session?

I had my second radiation session for my breast cancer. I came back home and I saw the skin around my breasts looking darker and pigmented. Should I check with my oncologist...

Is there something to be applied to the rest of the body during a radiation therapy?

While receiving radiation therapy for a particular part of the body, is it important to apply some medicine or cream to prevent the radiations from affecting other exposed parts...

Is chemotherapy advisable for my father?

My father is 74 years old and has been diagnosed with blood cancer. He has become extremely weak and the doctors have advised chemotherapy to start for him. Given his age and...

My wife is undergoing her chemotherapy for breast cancer. She feels extremely tired after her sessions. Is it normal?

My wife is 37 years old and is undergoing chemotherapy sessions for breast cancer. She feels extremely tired and drained out after her chemotherapy sessions. Is it normal? Should...

Is loss of appetite normal for a patient undergoing radiation therapy?

My father is undergoing radiation therapy and is complaining constantly of loss of appetite. I am confused because in his condition he should ideally be eating well. Is it a...

Is it safe for a woman with cancer to take an emergency contraceptive pill?

My wife is suffering from breast cancer and is on her treatment currently. Yesterday she had an emergency contraceptive pill. Is it safe?

How can I prevent eye damage during radiation therapy for treating nose cancer?

I have been detected with nose cancer 1 month back and I am preparing for my radiation therapy to start. Since nose is very close to the eyes, how can I prevent the radiation...

Can biopsy on a pregnant woman cause harm to the baby?

My wife had a growth in her armpit, which the doctors felt looked abnormal. As a result a biopsy was recently done. We didn’t realise then that my wife was pregnant. Could the...

Is it an issue if someone undergoes a mammogram in pregnancy?

My wife recently underwent a mammogram in a breast cancer awareness checkup. She did not know then that she was pregnant. Could this create a problem for our baby.

New radiation treatments

What are the latest developments in raddiation therapy? What are the most exciting?

What is the chance of survival in stage 4 lung cancer?

My father is 72 years old and he has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. The disease has made him quite weak and we are wondering if the chemotherapy will be of any use to...

Can a pneumonia cause lung cancer?

My mother was diagnosed with pneumonia one year back. It was quite serious as she was admitted in the hospital. However she came back home recovering from the condition. Around...

What are the ways to counter the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy?

My mother has been undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy to treat her breast cancer. However she is facing severe weakness due to the side effects of the treatment including...

What are the symptoms of mouth cancer?

My brother has been a chain smoker and has the habit of chewing tobacco. Are there any symptoms of mouth cancer that he should look out for? What are the chances of him suffering...

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