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Should I consider natural medicine for cancer?

I was diagnosed with musculoskeletal cancer quite recently, and I really do not want to go through the side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. I'd much rather look into...

What are the risks with radiotherapy in cancer treatment?

I was diagnosed with bone cancer recently, and my doctor suggested that we treat it with radiotherapy rather than chemo. We didn't discuss any of the risks that can happen with...

Why should I consider interventional radiology?

My doctor thinks I should go for interventional radiology to treat a tumor that I have on my leg. He says it's less invasive than having surgery for it. I mean, I do agree with...

When is radiation therapy considered over chemotherapy?

My grandmother has breast cancer, and for her treatment, her and her doctors decided to have her on radiation therapy rather than chemotherapy. When is radiation therapy considered...

Is a biopsy done through radiology?

How is a biopsy procedure carried out? Is it done through radiology or is it a surgical procedure?

Is radiotherapy an alternative to chemotherapy?

For cancer treatment, is radiotherapy an alternative option for chemotherapy? What factors determine that a cancer would be treated with radiotherapy instead?

What is the treatment that a radiologist can give for breast cancer?

Is a radiologist the right person to initiate breast cancer treatment for my wife? We were given the choice between radiation therapy and chemo, and my wife chose radiation....

Can a radiation oncologist help with a cancerous growth in the liver?

I have been diagnosed with liver cancer. Can a radiation oncologist help?

How does radiation therapy work on cancer?

My son has had a brain tumor that was cancerous, but recently, doctors told us that his tumor is now benign and a lot smaller than it was. They now believe that it's safe to remove...

What is the success rate for radiation on cancer?

Out of all of the treatments for cancer, what's the success rate of radiation therapy? What is the criteria for it to be used?

Is nuclear medicine effective as a cancer treatment?

Can I opt for nuclear medicine to treat my thyroid cancer? What are the side effects?

What Breast Cancer treatment is recommended?

I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. I am estrogen positive and HER2 negative. I had a Lumpectomy and ANC done. I have clear margins but 6 nodes are positive out of 22...

Does chemotherapy impact the bones?

Will repeated radiation through chemotherapy cause my bones to become weaker?

Can radiation cause leukopenia?

My son has leukemia and is on radiation therapy to treat it. But his white blood cell count keeps going down. Is it possible for radiation therapy to cause leukopenia?

How long does a radiation therapy treatment usually last?

I have to have radiation therapy. What determines how long it usually lasts?

Can radiation therapy weaken bones?

If I undergo a radiation therapy to treat my cancer, will it weaken my bones? I am trying to weigh each of my options before making a decision.

Is chemotherapy painful?

I am due to start chemotherapy sessions for nasal cancer. I am very worried and would like to know if chemotherapy is painful while it's being done.

My dad is having a high grade fever. When can he do his next chemotherapy session?

My dad is undergoing chemotherapy for gall bladder cancer. He recently had a viral infection due to which is having high grade fever. The doctor has said it is not advisable...

For uterine cancer is radiation required even after removing the uterus?

My mother was diagnosed with uterine cancer and we immediately got her operated for removal of her uterus. However, the doctors say that she will also have to undergo chemotherapy...

My skin looks burnt after a radiation therapy session?

I had my second radiation session for my breast cancer. I came back home and I saw the skin around my breasts looking darker and pigmented. Should I check with my oncologist...

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