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Should I eat before my MRI Scan?

I am scheduled for an MRI tomorrow for a chest scan. Should I eat before this test, or should I not eat for a certain amount of time?

Why did my X-ray come hazy?

I recently had an X-ray of my knees and it came back very hazy. I could barely see a thing on it. What could be wrong?

Can a ultrasound find out if there is any growth on my abdomen?

I have been having a sharp pain in my abdomen and I think it’s a growth. I have an appointment with my doctor to look at it. If I get referred, will an ultrasound be able to...

What scans are done to diagnose a brain tumor?

My father's doctor suspects that he may have a brain tumor. He has had two MRI's done, one of which showed a mass and the other did not. Are there any other scans that can tell...

What are the health risks from exposure to radiation?

My brother has been getting x-rays frequently because of his lung condition. Can this consistent exposure to radiation cause him to have any health risks?

I feel like my thyroid gland is enlarged. What scan would you use to confirm this?

I feel a slight pain around my throat, and it almost feel like it's my thyroid gland. The area looks enlarged. What scans would you use to see if my thyroid is enlarged?

What can I expect after having a percutaneous needle biopsy?

I am having a percutaneous needle biopsy done and I feel very afraid. Will this be painful? What can I expect after it is done?

What can i expect after having an MRI?

I suffer with migraines, and am having an MRI done next week to see if there is an underlying health issue causing them. I have never had one before. What can I expect after...

Can an X-ray determine my kidney function?

I am a diabetes patient and lately, I am having trouble passing urine. I am starting to worry that my kidneys are being affected. Can an X-ray determine my kidney function level?...

Is it safe to do a CT scan on an elderly patient?

My mother is 86 years old and is getting a CT scan and MRI to help identify the cause of her dementia. Are these tests safe to be done on patients of her age?

How common is anxiety after an MRI?

I felt extremely anxious after my MRI test was conducted. What could have caused this?

Will my son require anesthesia before his CT scan?

My son is 2 years old, and his doctor would like him to have a CT scan after hurting his head. Will he be put under anesthesia for the scan?

At what stage of pregnancy can congenital defects in a baby be detected?

I am pregnant for the first time and I would like to know, at what stage of pregnancy can I know if my baby has any congenital defects or not?

What type of diagnostic test is recommended for abdomen pain?

My mother is having some pain in the abdomen that she is not able to explain clearly. What kind of diagnostic testing would be recommended for her?

Can PCOD be corrected with radiation therapy?

I am suffering from PCOD ever since I got my period. I have tried all possible medications but nothing seems to work. Can radiation therapy help in any way?

What are the early side effects of radiation therapy apart from fatigue, skin issues and hair loss?

My father has to start out on radiation therapy for his colon cancer. I want to know if there are other side effects, besides body weakness, skin changes and hair loss.

Will radiation therapy cause my skin to burn?

The doctor has asked me to start radiation therapy for my breast cancer. Will this cause my skin to burn? Please answer, I'm feeling very nervous after reading a few articles...

Can radiation therapy work for arthritis?

I am having a lot of pain in my knees due to arthritis. Can radiation therapy work for alleviating my symptoms?

Does radiation during cancer treatment have any impact on the digestive system?

My mother underwent radiation therapy to treat breast cancer. The treatment was successful, but her appetite seems to be gone. Does radiation therapy impact the digestive system?...

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