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What can I do to make my son comfortable with this CT scan?

My son needs to have a CT scan on his head, but I can tell he's a little nervous. He also isn't a fan of tight spaces. Is there anything that I can do, or that the technician...

What is a lung PET scan?

What does a PET scan for the lungs involve? My grandpa is getting this scan soon for his lungs to see if he might have a tumor in his lungs. Must he prepare somehow to this scan?...

Are MRIs safe for infants?

My daughter is only 2-years-old and is going to get an MRI because she's been experiencing these strange headaches. While, of course, I want to know why these headaches are happening,...

Are there any side effects of iodine contrast?

Since my procedure, I've been experiencing a slight headache that comes and goes. I know my doctor used iodine-based contrast, but he didn't tell me if I would experience any...

Are there any imaging tests for Parkinson's disease?

My father was experiencing tremors in his hands. We took him to his doctor, who is now referring him to a neurologist because he believes that it could be Parkinson's disease....

What procedures are usually done in interventional radiology?

I understand that radiology is a diverse field, with multiple sub-specialties within it. But I'm very curious about interventional radiology and what it's all about. What procedures...

How is Alzheimer's diagnosed with a PET scan?

My grandmother didn't do well on her memory test, and her doctors want to see if she has Alzheimer's disease by using a PET scan. How is Alzheimer's diagnosed through a PET?

What are safe radiation levels for children?

My son needs to have an X-ray for an injury to his ankle. Should I be concerned about the amount of radiation an X-ray has?

Why is a CT scan necessary for pneumonia?

The doctor noticed my mother wheezing and she also had a crackling sound when he would listen to her breathe. He ordered a CT scan to check for pneumonia, but I don't really think...

When do dentists use an x-ray?

I never really had a dentist use an x-ray in any of my visit, but I know other people who had x-rays done at their appointments. When does a dentist use an x-ray at appointments?...

High heart rate after MRI. Is this normal?

After my MRI, I was experiencing a higher heart rate than normal. Luckily, this was in the hospital so they noticed it right away. But, I'm just wondering, is it normal to experience...

What does a chest scan reveal for a cough?

My doctor wants me to have a chest scan because of a chronic cough that I've been dealing with for the past two weeks. My sinuses do feel. . . off, and he feels like a scan would...

Are there risks to getting a cardiac catheter with interventional radiology?

I need to have a cardiac catheterization, but my doctor wants to use interventional radiology with this procedure. Are there any risks that I should be aware of?

Why should I have my son go to a pediatric radiologist?

My son needs to have a CT scan, but instead of going to a regular radiologist, his doctor referred us to a pediatric radiologist. What would a pediatric radiologist do differently?...

What tests are needed for kidney stones?

My husband is in so much pain, all over the place, but it's mainly on his left side where his kidneys would be, so I think it's kidney stones. If it is kidney stones, what tests...

What is an angioplasty like through interventional radiology?

I need to have an angioplasty, and my doctor would rather do this through interventional radiology because it's less invasive. What is the procedure going to involve?

What should I do to prepare for a PET scan?

I have to get a PET scan because I've been having a lot of migraines lately. Is there anything that I should do to prepare for one?

Why do dentists use X-rays?

The dentist I go to used an X-ray to diagnose a cracked tooth in the back of my mouth. Was this X-ray really necessary? I feel like I would have been fine without the X-ray....

Are children sedated for scans like CAT?

My child needs to have a CAT scan but is extremely nervous about it (frankly, I don't blame them). Are children typically sedated for CAT scans when they're really anxious about...

Is vascular radiology a better treatment for deep vein thrombosis?

I have an issue with deep vein thrombosis and I want to do something that is minimally invasive. Should I look into vascular/interventional radiology as an option?

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