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At what stage of pregnancy can congenital defects in a baby be detected?

I am pregnant for the first time and I would like to know, at what stage of pregnancy can I know if my baby has any congenital defects or not?

What type of diagnostic test is recommended for abdomen pain?

My mother is having some pain in the abdomen that she is not able to explain clearly. What kind of diagnostic testing would be recommended for her?

Can PCOD be corrected with radiation therapy?

I am suffering from PCOD ever since I got my period. I have tried all possible medications but nothing seems to work. Can radiation therapy help in any way?

What are the early side effects of radiation therapy apart from fatigue, skin issues and hair loss?

My father has to start out on radiation therapy for his colon cancer. I want to know if there are other side effects, besides body weakness, skin changes and hair loss.

Will radiation therapy cause my skin to burn?

The doctor has asked me to start radiation therapy for my breast cancer. Will this cause my skin to burn? Please answer, I'm feeling very nervous after reading a few articles...

Can radiation therapy work for arthritis?

I am having a lot of pain in my knees due to arthritis. Can radiation therapy work for alleviating my symptoms?

Does radiation during cancer treatment have any impact on the digestive system?

My mother underwent radiation therapy to treat breast cancer. The treatment was successful, but her appetite seems to be gone. Does radiation therapy impact the digestive system?...

I am having numbness in my right leg. What test do you recommend? I am worried if it is an early sign of a stroke.

For the last 2 days I am experiencing periodic numbness in my right leg. Should I undergo any tests? I am very worried if it could be an early sign of stroke.

Is a CT Scan safe during pregnancy?

My daughter in law is 4 months pregnant and is suffering from frequent headaches. The doctor has advised a CT scan for her. However, I am worried if the radiation from the scan...

Is chemotherapy different for urethral cancer?

My father is 70 years old and has been diagnosed with urethral cancer. Is chemotherapy different for this form of cancer or is it still as invasive?

How many CT scans in a span of one month are considered safe?

I am a 32 year old female and in the last 2 months I have had two CT scans for my abdominal region. How many CT scans are considered to be safe?

I have persistent cough, however my doctor says there is no need for a X-ray. Should I still go for one?

I have been having persistent cough and cold for the last two weeks. I have been on bronchodilators. I asked my doctor if I should get a X-ray done since I believe this is more...

My sons's lung X-ray shows a different condition than it originally did. Why?

My son is suffering from pneumonia due to influenza, so he had a chest X-ray last week. The day after, we took him again to get a chest x-ray after the doctors asked us to, but...

Is there a difference between pediatric radiology and adult radiology?

Considering the sensitivity of children towards radiations through X-rays and scans, is there a different radiation technology used for kids as compared to adults? I am just wondering...

Typically how long does it take for radiation therapy to work?

We are considering radiation therapy for my husband who has been detected with first stage cancerous growth in his nose. How long will the radiation therapy ideally take to start...

My abdominal X-ray look a little hazy. What could this indicate?

I underwent an X-ray to diagnose the cause of my abdominal pain. However, my X-ray looks a little hazy and the doctors aren't sure on where they should concentrate. Why did this...

Can MS be confirmed through an MRI scan?

My father is 72 years old and is showing symptoms of MS. We haven't taken him to the doctor yet because of our schedule, but we plan to go soon. I read somewhere that an MRI...

What deformities in the growing baby can be confirmed in an anomaly scan?

I am 5 months pregnant and I am due for my anomaly scan. I would like to know what deformities in the baby can be seen through this. Can mental and congenital defects also be...

Can radiation therapy increase one's chances of getting melanoma?

My mother underwent radiation therapy for breast cancer. Her treatment is over, however her skin around the areola becomes extremely dry and itchy. Lately, she mentioned about...

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