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What medicine can I give my mother who is suffering from kidney pain?

My mother is suffering from CKD and has a lot of pain in her kidneys, especially when passing urine. What medications should she take to ease the pain?

My son is having pain in his hand after his surgery. What painkillers would you recommend?

My son is having a lot of pain in his hand after his surgery, following a bone fracture. What painkillers would you recommend for him to get over this pain?

My mother has internal pain in her legs. Is it diabetic neuropathy?

My mom is constantly complaining of pain in her legs and says it's like a pulling feeling from within them. Is it diabetic neuropathy? She's had type 2 diabetes for the past...

What should I do to prevent my feet from hurting in the snow?

During the snow, I end up walking long distances. What can I do to prevent my feet from hurting?

How can we help a patient in chronic pain?

My mother is in chronic pain because of her kidney condition. She refuses to have dialysis, so she's currently under no treatment. What can we do to help her deal with this chronic...

Is my constant body pain for real?

I have pain all over my body, and it really takes me out for the entire day. My husband thinks that this pain isn't real and that I'm just being "lazy. " Is this true? Could...

What causes pain in the lower abdomen?

I have pain in my lower left abdomen. What could be causing it? I also have pain when I'm passing urine.

Help me

I have pain in my right arm but mostly in my upper arm. I have been to the doctor but they didn't find anything, I have used Menzza (cooling relief for muscular pains) but it...

What is causing my lower back and lower abdominal pain?

What is causing my lower back and lower abdominal pain? Could it be an infection?

Are there natural ways to treat migraine?

I experience at least 2 migraines a week. Needless to say, I have tried pretty much every over the counter pain medication. Are there any natural ways to treat/prevent migraines?...

Can lower back pain cause pain in my rectum?

Can lower back pain cause pain in my rectum? My lower back pain also causes numbness in my upper thighs, and sometimes pain in one foot. Any advice will help. Thanks!

What is the reason for my constant headaches?

Lately, I have been suffering with headaches that occur very frequently. What could be the reason?

Is it a good idea to soak a sprained ankle in hot water?

I recently sprained my ankle, and have been given painkillers to deal with the pain. I really don't like to take painkillers. Can soaking my ankle in hot water help to ease the...

What can I do to help with my hip pain?

For the last month, I have been experiencing pain in my hip joints. My doctor has prescribed me painkillers, but they seem to only ease the pain temporarily. What else can I...

Is frequent consumption of ibuprofen bad?

Every time I get my period I end up having ibuprofen at least 6 times during the first 2 days. Will this cause me problems in the long run?

What is the best way to treat muscular pains after running?

I am having a lot of muscular pain around my legs and shins after running. What can I do to treat this pain?

Can pain relieving drugs become addictive?

I recently read a report that said pain relieving drugs could become an addiction for people in no time. Is this true?

How does alternative hot and cold packs help in relieving pain?

For muscular pain, my doctor suggested doing alternative hot and cold packs. How does this help in relieving pain?

Abdominal pain

I have been having pain in my lower right back and it intensifies by bending or standing for so long. I had lower right back pain for 1 week and in that week I experienced other...

My husband has frequent headaches due to work stress. What should we do?

My husband has a high stress job and often ends up with a headache when he comes home. He's in a terrible mood from it and I feel so bad. What can we do treat this?

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