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Are there natural ways to treat migraine?

I experience at least 2 migraines a week. Needless to say, I have tried pretty much every over the counter pain medication. Are there any natural ways to treat/prevent migraines?...

Can pain relieving drugs become addictive?

I recently read a report that said pain relieving drugs could become an addiction for people in no time. Is this true?

How does alternative hot and cold packs help in relieving pain?

For muscular pain, my doctor suggested doing alternative hot and cold packs. How does this help in relieving pain?

Abdominal pain

I have been having pain in my lower right back and it intensifies by bending or standing for so long. I had lower right back pain for 1 week and in that week I experienced other...

How to control RSD

How can I control my RSD?

I have some pain whenever I sit. What could it be?

I have a slight pain as soon as I try to sit. It seems like a bone pain. But, what do you think it could be? What should I do for it? Right now, I am taking over-the-counter...

I am experiencing pain in my facial muscles. What should I do?

Since yesterday I am experiencing pain in my facial muscles and I am unsure why. It hurts when I talk. What can I do to treat this pain?

My core is feeling sore and painful after a weight work out. What should I do?

I am feeling a lot of muscle soreness and pain all over my upper body. I'm not used to feeling this way but I did extra. What's the best way to soothe muscle soreness?


What is the best pain relief for Fibromyalgia pain? I have it all over my body was on amitriptyline. Didn't work for me. . . I also have insomnia so I am exhausted all the...

Pain in right arm

There is pain in my right arm, first it started in my shoulder and now its affect is from neck to elbow. I think it is muscle strain. It was started when it was exposed to cold...

Lower abdominal pain

I have been experiencing lower abdominal pain for the past two years, and have tried all types of medicines but to no avail. Could you please prescribe the right medicine for...

When should I rely on a painkiller for a headache?

I have a tendency to pop in a painkiller for my headaches. But I want to stop relying on them. How can I prevent myself from getting to that point?

I have severe back pain during my periods. Please help.

I have been having severe back pain during my last 2 periods. It is so intense that I am not even able to sleep. Please help, what should I do?

I have a sprain in my neck and I think it's from my pillows. How can I fix this?

I slept on a folded up pillow and now my neck is killing me. Is it okay to use a hot compress to get rid of this pain?

How safe are electric massagers for pain relief?

I am planning to buy an electric massager for my feet. How safe are these massagers when using? Do the heat waves from these massagers cause any kind of side effects?

I have a lot of body pain by the end of the day, mainly due to my weight. What should I do?

By the end of the day, I experience a lot of pain all over my body, mainly due to my weight. Because of this, I feel like I'm unable to work out to lose it because of the pain....

My fingers hurt after playing tennis. Is this normal?

Every time I play tennis, I experience severe pain in my fingers and this pain lasts for a good two hours or so. Is it normal?

Please recommend something for my back pain

Right before I get my period, I get a sore, dull pain in my back for a few days. I really hate relying on painkillers. Is there anything else I can turn to?

Why does my stomach hurt often?

Lately I have been experiencing an unusual pain in my stomach often that lasts for a few minutes throughout the day, and then subsides on its own. Is it gastric or could it be...

Fibromyalgia question

Hi. I'd just like to ask, which medication is having the best results with FMS? And can I have any injections to help with the pain?

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