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What's involved in an EP study?

I need to have an electrophysiology study because my doctor wants a full understanding of my heartbeat, which feels abnormal. How is this study usually performed?

Can I drink coffee before my echocardiogram?

I have an echocardiogram in the next couple of days, and I just have a few questions on what I should do before my test. I'm a big coffee drinker, and I know I'm probably not...

How does an ECG diagnose atrial fibrillation?

My aunt has to have an ECG because her doctor thinks that she's experiencing warning signs of AFib. How does an ECG usually diagnose it?

High heart rate after MRI. Is this normal?

After my MRI, I was experiencing a higher heart rate than normal. Luckily, this was in the hospital so they noticed it right away. But, I'm just wondering, is it normal to experience...

What is the treatment for arrhythmia?

My father went to the cardiologist for his regular checkup (he was referred to one after having diabetes), but now his cardiologist saw that he has arrhythmia as well. My father...

How is atrial fibrillation monitored?

My aunt was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation this past year and has been in the hospital twice because of it. How is this disorder usually monitored?

Do we need to visit a cardiologist for treating arrhythmia?

My father has an irregular heartbeat, and has been experiencing symptoms, such as palpitations, feeling dizzy and fainting spells. Can a cardiologist help my father treat his...

What causes irregular heartbeats?

My mother has been admitted in the hospital for irregular heartbeats. What causes this? Could it pose any threats?

What does a cardiac electrophysiologist do?

What exactly does a cardiac electrophysiologist do, and check for? I need a test next week, ordered by my doctor. Thanks for your help and advice

Does constant coughing indicate a heart problem?

Lately, I've been coughing continuously, especially at night. Could this be a sign of a heart issue?

Why does my health tracker show high heart rate even while I am resting?

I have been wearing a health tracker, and it shows a high heart rate even while I am resting. Why could this be happening?

I am experiencing a shortness of breath while walking. Should I get my ECG done?

I have shortness of breath when I'm waking short distances, and this feeling is happening all of a sudden. Do you think I should get my chest ECG done?

My mother has an arrhythmia. How will it be monitored?

My mother was diagnosed with an arrhythmia last week and is currently being treated for it in the best way that doctors can. How will they keep it under control and monitored?...

What is cardiac cachexia? Is it fatal?

My friend has been diagnosed with cardiac cachexia. Is it a fatal condition? What is the line of treatment?

How does wine strengthen the heart?

I have read that wine is very good for the heart. How does it work?

Does high blood pressure mean I am at risk of a heart attack?

I have high blood pressure problems and I'm extremely overweight. Does it mean I'm at risk of a heart attack?

Are there any signs to look out for in case of a heart disease?

Are there any signs and symptoms that I should look out for in case of a heart disease?

Why am I not able to exercise too fast on the treadmill?

I am not able to run very fast on the treadmill, even though I am just 28 years old and not overweight. And, my heart rate usually goes through the roof when I exercise. What...

What are the symptoms of a weak heart?

Are there any symptoms that suggest my heart could be weak and requires medical attention?

How is atrial fibrillation usually diagnosed?

My mother has atrial fibrillation, but I'm just wondering how this condition is usually diagnosed in patients. How is it detected?

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