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Can certain foods trigger rheumatoid arthritis flare-ups?

Are there any specific foods which can trigger rheumatoid arthritis flare-ups? I was recently diagnosed and am trying to prevent flare-ups in any way that I can.

Would you recommend homeopathic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis?

Would you recommend homeopathic medication for early stage rheumatoid arthritis? What exactly would you recommend?

Is there any treatment for rheumatoid arthritis in alternative medicine?

We have been giving my father treatment for rheumatoid arthritis for the last 6 months. He started swimming and goes to PT. However, his condition hasn’t improved much. I know...

How does knee replacement surgery work?

My father is 68 years old and has been suffering with a lot of knee pain due to arthritis. The doctor has suggested knee replacement surgery. How does this surgery work? Given...

Can osteoarthritis be caused by being overweight?

My mother is overweight and has recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Will losing weight help in treating her condition?


I have just read an article about detox benefits. I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and IBS. It didn’t state what is entailed. Where would I find an effective detox programme?...

Sjogren's syndrome

Hi, I am a 44 year old man. Two months ago, a sunny day, I got a bilateral painless swelling rash in my parotid gland. I haven't had any moth or eye dryness or other signs....


I am in a very bad situation of my "final' drug for Rheum. Disease failing me ( hate it said the other way around). I have been on 11 Dmards/biologics. I can not take steroids...

Do you recommend oil massage for knee pain due to arthritis?

My father has arthritis and he is 72 years old. Would you recommend oil massage to ease his pain?

Is there a diet recommended for arthritis patients?

My mother has been suffering from arthritis for the past few years. Is there a specific diet for arthritis patients?

Crohn's disease and Lupus

My 18 year old daughter is diagnosed with Crohn's disease and lupus runs in the family. Is it possible to have lupus, too, or are patients with Crohn's more likely to get it?...

How is rheumatoid arthritis diagnosed?

How can a rheumatologist tell if my pain is actually rheumatoid arthritis or a regular muscular pain? I am only asking because it runs in my family and I have been experiencing...

I am having slight pain and inflammation in my elbows. What could It be?

I have slight inflammation in my elbows along with pain. It also feels tender and slightly red. What could be the problem?

Edema: ankles feet and lower legs

My peripheral edema is persistent. I also have abdominal bloating. I have had liver and kidney tests to be sure they aren't the cause. My heart is fine. My question is...

Are there steroid medicines to treat rheumatic pain?

I have read in a recent report that steroid medicines can be extremely useful in treating rheumatic pain. Is this true?

I had a pain in my calf muscles last night. Could it be rheumatic pain?

I felt like a sharp pain in one of the nerves in my calf muscles. Could it be a symptom of a rheumatic pain or is just a nerve pull?

Sexual Contact get Lupus?

I am a Lupus patient, is it possible for my husband to contract it from me through sexual contacts?

Will my rheumatic disease also weaken my lung muscles?

I am suffering from a rheumatic disorder that causes pain in my muscles and joints. I recently find my breathing heavy as well. Could the rheumatic disease also weaken my lung...

Can excess weight trigger rheumatic pain in people?

I am having a weird pain in my knees and legs. I have also recently gained a lot of weight. Could this be rheumatic pain and could it be due to the weight, or is it something...


What is the best pain relief for Fibromyalgia pain? I have it all over my body was on amitriptyline. Didn't work for me. . . I also have insomnia so I am exhausted all the...

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