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Can osteoarthritis be caused by being overweight?

My mother is overweight and has recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Will losing weight help in treating her condition?

Is there a diet recommended for arthritis patients?

My mother has been suffering from arthritis for the past few years. Is there a specific diet for arthritis patients?

Crohn's disease and Lupus

My 18 year old daughter is diagnosed with Crohn's disease and lupus runs in the family. Is it possible to have lupus, too, or are patients with Crohn's more likely to get it?...

Can excess weight trigger rheumatic pain in people?

I am having a weird pain in my knees and legs. I have also recently gained a lot of weight. Could this be rheumatic pain and could it be due to the weight, or is it something...


What is the best pain relief for Fibromyalgia pain? I have it all over my body was on amitriptyline. Didn't work for me. . . I also have insomnia so I am exhausted all the...

Death from lupus?

What are the most common ways people die from lupus?

I have soreness and swelling in my elbow. Should I visit a rheumatologist?

I have been noticing some soreness and swelling in my elbow. It feels stiff when I wake up and after I exercise. Would you suggest I should see a rheumatologist to understand...

My dad has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Is surgery required for him?

My dad has recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis as the cause of his knee pain. The doctors are suggesting surgery. Is there anything else he can try before surgery?

Are there natural ways to treat gout?

I am suffering from gout. I am on medication and it's making me feel really off. Is there any other way that can improve my condition?

I am taking natural medication for my RA. How long will the treatment take?

I am on natural treatment for my rheumatoid arthritis, such as introducing less inflammatory foods into my diet and consuming more turmeric. While I understand natural treatment...

Do you think steroid medications will improve my arthritis?

I was diagnosed with arthritis only six months ago. The treatment has started but is not helping much. Should I consider taking steroid medications for my pain? I'm not sure...

I have pain in my joints due to inflammation. What should I do?

My joints seem to be really inflamed, and it's causing me a lot of pain. I have an appointment later to see what's wrong, but is there anything to relieve the pain temporarily?...

How is tendinitis treated?

My mother has been diagnosed with tendinitis, and our doctor wasn't exactly clear on what the course of treatment. What should we expect during her treatment?

Can rheumatoid arthritis affect my immunity?

From the time I have been detected with rheumatoid arthritis, I have been falling ill very frequently. Can rheumatoid arthritis weaken my overall immune system?

What should I remember when travelling with rheumatoid arthritis?

I am 48 years old and I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis recently. I am supposed to travel out of the country for a whole month because of work. What are the factors...

Could the swelling in my knee be a sign of rheumatoid arthritis?

My mother had a history of rheumatoid arthritis for over 20 years. Just yesterday I observed a slight pain and swelling in my knees. Could this be a sign of rheumatoid arthritis?...


Diagnosed with Fibro got pain in shoulder blade shoulders but also in my elbows but I also have persistent pain in my arms disturbing what little sleep I am achieving very worried...

Is constant burning pain connected to fibromyalgia

I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia for approximately 8years now. My legs are both in constant burning pain and extremely painful to touch. I struggle to walk any distance...

Severe foot pain

Does RA target the feet? I was diagnosed November 2016 take Plaquenil will be starting Humira soon but my feet and hands are in constant severe (8 of 10)

Are steroid medicines considered more effective for treating rhematoid arthritis?

I was detected with rheumatoid arthritis about a year back. I have been taking ayurvedic to treat it, and while there is some improvement, there still seems to be a little swelling...

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