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I think I have varicose veins. How is this treated?

I notice that I see a lot more of my veins along my legs, and I believe it's varicose veins, judging from what I'm reading. How is this really treated in people?

Can varicose veins be cured, or just managed with medicines?

My mother has been dealing with varicose veins and often ends up having a lot of pain in her legs. Is there any treatment for this condition or does it only have to be managed...

My brother has been diagnosed with venous insufficiency. What is it and how can it be treated?

My brother is 37 years old and has been diagnosed with a condition called as venous insufficiency. What is this condition and how can it be treated?

I have venous inflammation in my legs. What could be the reason for this?

I have venous inflammation in both of my legs, and my doctors are going to see if I have anything to cause it at the end of the week. But what usually causes triggers this inflammation?...

How do some people get spider veins?

I recently read a report about a health condition called spider veins. What causes this condition and what is the course of treatment? I'm very curious about it.

I sometimes have a sharp pain at night in my calf muscles. Could it be something serious?

I sometimes experience a sharp and a shooting pain at night in my calf muscles. I believe that it could be in a vein since one of them is protruding slightly. Could it be something...

Does varicose veins need to be treated with surgery?

My father has varicose veins, and he feels a lot of pain around his ankle. Would this need surgery?

How is varicose veins diagnosed in a person?

I can see some painful veins appearing around my thighs. I am not sure if these are varicose veins. How is varicose veins diagnosed?

Can a phlebologist treat my mother's leg swelling?

My mother has a swelling in the leg, which our GP has recently diagnosed to be due to an inflammation of the vein. According to our GP it will have to be treated surgically....

My grandfather is suffering from venous stasis. How is this condition treated?

My grand father has been diagnosed with venous stasis causing swelling in his lower leg. What is the course of treatment for this condition? He is also a diabetic and a hypertension...

Could this pulling sensation behind my calf muscles be deep vein thrombosis?

I feel like there is a sharp pulling sensation on the back side of my legs, mainly around my calf muscles. Could this be a sign of deep vein thrombosis?

Too late to treat spider veins on my own?

I have some spider veins. I understand they're common and I also understand that many people undergo treatment to get rid of them. Of course it's too late to prevent them so...

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