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How can I prevent heel pain?

I wear heels a lot to and from work, and it causes me to have a lot of pain in my foot--mainly in my heels because I'm on my feet the entire day. It's not unbearable, but I don't...

Is a bunion a bone growth?

I think I have a bunion on my foot, and it's quite painful. It also feels a little hard. Is a bunion a kind of bone growth?

What can I do to prevent bunions?

I had a bunion removed recently because it was quite painful. What can I do to prevent developing any in the future?

How are corns under a toenail removed?

My grandmother has a corn underneath her toenail. How are these usually removed? Does it hurt?

What is the cause of my foot pain?

My right foot hurts. First it started with a burning sensation, but now it still burns and it's more painful. It's in my heel and middle of my foot but it has spread to the side...

I have pain in my ankle and it may need surgery. Will my diabetes make it difficult to heal my ankle?

I am having a lot of pain in my ankle and my doctor has suggested that it will need to be operated on because there's a bone growth. I am also diabetic. Will my diabetes make...

What is the best way to clean your feet when you have diabetes?

Because I have diabetes, is there a certain way I should be cleaning my feet?

How are ingrown toe nails removed?

What is the treatment for ingrown toe nails? I keep having this problem regularly. What should I do?

Should I see a podiatrist for my feet If I have diabetes?

I am suffering from tremendous foot pain, and I believe that it could be associated with my diabetes. Should I see a podiatrist when I have diabetes?

How are bunions removed?

I noticed that I have a bunion by my big toe and it's causing me a lot of pain. I tried changing shoes and pain medications, but none of it works. How can I get them removed?...

What should I do to prevent my feet from hurting in the snow?

During the snow, I end up walking long distances. What can I do to prevent my feet from hurting?

I have a small growth around my ankle. Could it be serious?

I have a small growth around my ankle. It doesn’t hurt but I cant move it. It feels soft and smooth. Could it be harmful?

I have a bulging bone just below my toe. What could it be?

I have a bulging bone that hurts on friction just below my toe. What could it be?

Why do I have swollen feet inspite of taking anti-inflammatory medicines?

I was diagnosed with a medical condition called plantar fascistic. I have swelling in my feet inspite of having anti-inflammatory medicines. What should I do?

Why does my ankle sprain easily?

I have a tendency to fall and every time I do, I sprain my ankle. Why does this happen so easily?

Snapping noise and pain in heel or back of the ankle

Hi I’m an overweight, 49 yr lady who has a damaged ankle from previous motorbike v car injury. 2 years ago I hurt my achelies tendon walking on uneven ground where now it snaps...

I need to undergo a nail removal treatment. Will anesthesia have to be administered for this?

I had an accident wherein a suitcase fell on my big toe and the nail is chipped in half. It was bleeding a lot and the doctor has advised to get the nail removed to prevent any...

My sister has swelling and excessive pain on her toe, which also has pus and blood secreting. Does she need a surgery?

My sister is 24 years old and does not have any heath conditions like diabetes. She has swelling along with a lot of pain with her toe with both pus and blood secreting from it....

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