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Snapping noise and pain in heel or back of the ankle

Hi I’m an overweight, 49 yr lady who has a damaged ankle from previous motorbike v car injury. 2 years ago I hurt my achelies tendon walking on uneven ground where now it snaps...

I need to undergo a nail removal treatment. Will anesthesia have to be administered for this?

I had an accident wherein a suitcase fell on my big toe and the nail is chipped in half. It was bleeding a lot and the doctor has advised to get the nail removed to prevent any...

My sister has swelling and excessive pain on her toe, which also has pus and blood secreting. Does she need a surgery?

My sister is 24 years old and does not have any heath conditions like diabetes. She has swelling along with a lot of pain with her toe with both pus and blood secreting from it....

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