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My son is slurring his words after a neuroendoscopy.

After having a neuroendoscopy for hyrdrocephalus, my son is now slurring his words days after the procedure. Is this a common side effect o the surgery? Would this pass on its...

My son's hands are trembling. Could it be a neurological problem?

My son's hands are trembling, and at random points throughout the day. Why could this be happening? Could this be due to a neurological problem?

What anesthesia is used during brain surgery?

I know that patients need to be awake to have brain surgery, so what type of anesthesia is used for this?

Is my son's sluggish speech due to anesthesia?

My son recently had a brain surgery where he was given anesthesia. Ever since he woke up from surgery, his speech has been sluggish. Is it because of anesthesia?

Can autism be treated with surgery?

Is there any surgical treatment available for autism? My 3 year old son was recently diagnosed and I am just curious. Thank you.

How does radiation therapy work on cancer?

My son has had a brain tumor that was cancerous, but recently, doctors told us that his tumor is now benign and a lot smaller than it was. They now believe that it's safe to remove...

What are the risks of brain tumor surgery in a child?

My 7 year old son has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Are there any dangers I should be concerned about regarding the surgery they want to perform on him to remove the tumor?...

Will my toddler be able to see again after brain surgery?

My 4 year old son has a cancerous brain tumor that is putting pressure on his eyes. He has been having blurry vision and complains its difficult to see. Once he has his tumor...

Can kids suffer from vertigo?

My son is 7 years old and has been complaining of sudden giddiness. The doctors are doing their tests to confirm if it could be due to vertigo. Can kids get vertigo or is it...

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