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Does a dental filling require anesthesia?

I feel like I'm going to need at least 3 fillings done soon (I looked inside my mouth after experiencing pain and saw teeth that look like cavities). If I need all of these filled...

How long does it take for lidcaine to wear off?

I needed anesthesia for my extraction today, and that area is still numb in my mount. It's been two hours already. How long does lidocaine usually last?

How long does dental anesthesia last?

I'm going to need an extraction soon, so I know I'm going to need anesthesia for it as well. But I'm just wondering, how long does dental anesthesia last, usually?

How much does anesthesia cost at the dentist?

I'm going to have general anesthesia for a dental procedure in two weeks (the appointment is far from now because I'm currently out of town). My insurance only covers about 10%...

Is IV anesthesia ever used in dental work?

A lot of the dental procedures I've had only used regional, or local, anesthesia with a needle directly used on my gums. Are there any procedures that actually require anesthesia...

How long should I not eat before my procedure?

I have to get a root canal done next week, for which I'm getting local anesthesia for. I'm well aware that I'm not supposed to eat before my procedure, but how many hours before...

My heart won't stop beating after my extraction. Is this because of the anesthesia?

I've just had a procedure to extract my wisdom teeth, and my dentist used anesthesia. Now, after a day or so since then, I feel like my heart is racing. Could this be because...

Is general anesthesia sometimes used for wisdom tooth extractions?

I have to get my wisdom teeth removed, and I'm a little nervous for the procedure. Do these procedures sometimes need general anesthesia?

Does an anesthesia injection in the mouth cause pain?

I am scheduled to undergo a root canal and I know I will get an anesthesia injection for the procedure. Will the injection hurt a lot?

Should I plan to have someone drive me home after my extraction?

I have to get two wisdom teeth removed, and I'm only getting local anesthesia for them. Should I still have someone drive me to my dentist, and pick me up, because of the anesthesia?...

Chronic cannabis use before surgery. Should I stop before surgery?

For a patient who uses a mild amount of cannabis daily for approximately a year, how long before a wisdom teeth removal surgery should they stop use?

What type of anesthesia is used for pediatric patients?

My child needs to have 3 fillings done in his next dentist appointment and the dentist would like to use anesthesia for it so that he doesn't feel anything. What type of anesthesia...

Is a dental extraction very painful?

I need to have a dental extraction in two weeks for my wisdom teeth. Is the extraction painful? Would I be getting anesthesia?

What procedures require anesthesia at a dentist's office?

I'm just curious about what oral procedures really require anesthesia. Are there a lot? Or is anesthesia used when a patient is having some type of oral surgery?

Would anesthesia be used during my root canal?

I have to get a root canal treatment on my one of my molars next week. Would anesthesia be used during my treatment? If not, can I request it?

Can I get anesthesia two times in a time gap of just one month?

I recently underwent a root canal treatment for which I was given anesthesia. Now I need another root canal to be done. Is another anesthesia in just one month okay?

What are the different ways of filling in the oral cavity?

I have a few cavities in my mouth that my dentists wants to fill all in one session. Would I need anesthesia for this?

I'll be having surgery to rebuild my jaw. Am wondering about length of procedure and anesthesia management during surgery.

I am scheduled to have maxillofacial surgery on my jaw, which needs to be rebuilt somewhat due to an old jaw fracture. How long will the jaw procedure be, and will an anesthesiologist...

I'm terrified about having my wisdom teeth pulled! Can I request general anesthesia?

My wisdom teeth need to be pulled and I'm very, very nervous about the procedure. Can I be put under general anesthesia? How does that work in a dental office -- will there be...

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