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I have a little pain in my calf muscles. What should I do?

There is some pain in my calf muscles, and it's sometimes unbearable. It's affecting my ability to walk--so I think it could be a torn muscle. Is there anything that I can do...

My son hurt his back in a football game. Is surgery or chiropractic care best for him?

My 15 year old son is in intense pain after having his back injured during a football game. Xrays show he has a few badly herniated discs. I want him to feel better again but...

How can I treat my neck pain?

I have neck pain as I work all day on the computer. Can I use anything to treat this pain?

Difference in treatment from a MD vs DO?

I have sarcoidosis. Is different treatment involved for a DO since they are trained in osteopathic manipulation? Do they treat an illness or injury different than an allopathic...

Can osteopathic manipulative treatment help me with my rheumatoid arthritis?

I have rheumatoid arthritis, and I experience a lot of pain around my joints because of the inflammation. Can this treatment help me ease the pain?

Does Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment also include medication?

Would I require medication or physical therapy if I am opting for Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment?

Can OMT help in strengthening internal muscles of the body?

My father had a stroke a year ago. Can OMT help in strengthening his internal body muscles?

Can chronic low back pain be treated without surgery?

Since my pregnancy I have been suffering from lower back pain. The pain has become very intense and leaves me restless. The doctors have suggested I may have to undergo a surgery....

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