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How well does spinal manipulation work for sciatica?

I can't take my sciatica pain any more. I heard that spinal manipulation may actually help it, while researching online, but I'm not really sure. Is it an effective treatment?...

What is the difference between an osteopathic physician and chiropractor?

I have lower back pain that I really want to get rid of, but I'm not sure if I should go to an osteopath or chiropractor. I've never even heard of an osteopath before my doctor...

I have severe whiplash from work. What is the treatment?

I pick up a lot of heavy objects at work, and after a slight incident last week--I won't go into too many details--I experienced severe whiplash in my neck and now I have to get...

I'm having pain along my spine. Will a chiropractor help me?

I have a lot of pain along my spine and it's pretty unbearable. I'm not sure why it's happening, and I often try to ease it with a brace and a heating pad. Can a chiropractor...

Is Spinal Manipulation and Osteopathic Manipulation one and the same?

I have been suffering from stiffness in my joints, especially while walking. Should I try spinal manipulation or osteopathic manipulation (or are they the same thing)?

I have severe back pain at the bottom of my spine. Do you think a surgery might be required?

I am suffering from a tremendous amount of pain right at the bottom of my back. Do you think a surgery might be required to treat this condition? Are there other ways to get...

I have a little pain in my calf muscles. What should I do?

There is some pain in my calf muscles, and it's sometimes unbearable. It's affecting my ability to walk--so I think it could be a torn muscle. Is there anything that I can do...

My son hurt his back in a football game. Is surgery or chiropractic care best for him?

My 15 year old son is in intense pain after having his back injured during a football game. Xrays show he has a few badly herniated discs. I want him to feel better again but...

How can I treat my neck pain?

I have neck pain as I work all day on the computer. Can I use anything to treat this pain?

Difference in treatment from a MD vs DO?

I have sarcoidosis. Is different treatment involved for a DO since they are trained in osteopathic manipulation? Do they treat an illness or injury different than an allopathic...

Can osteopathic manipulative treatment help me with my rheumatoid arthritis?

I have rheumatoid arthritis, and I experience a lot of pain around my joints because of the inflammation. Can this treatment help me ease the pain?

Does Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment also include medication?

Would I require medication or physical therapy if I am opting for Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment?

Can OMT help in strengthening internal muscles of the body?

My father had a stroke a year ago. Can OMT help in strengthening his internal body muscles?

Can chronic low back pain be treated without surgery?

Since my pregnancy I have been suffering from lower back pain. The pain has become very intense and leaves me restless. The doctors have suggested I may have to undergo a surgery....

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