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My son has juvenile diabetes. Can this lead to kidney problems?

My son is 9 years old and has been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, and is still learning how to manage it. We're doing everything we can to help him, but will this condition...

How can I prevent kidney stones from recurring?

I keep having kidney stones, and they are almost like reoccurring. They pass naturally but they still cause a lot of pain. What can I do to prevent this?

What are the precautions to take after a kidney transplant?

What precautions one should take after a kidney transplant?

How does a UTI turn into a kidney infection?

My daughter had to be rushed to the hospital because of a kidney infection. The doctors said that she had let her UTI go too far, which is why the kidney infection developed....

How can we help a patient in chronic pain?

My mother is in chronic pain because of her kidney condition. She refuses to have dialysis, so she's currently under no treatment. What can we do to help her deal with this chronic...

How often should a child pee throughout the day?

What is the normal frequency of peeing in a 3-year-old child throughout the day?

What causes pain in the lower abdomen?

I have pain in my lower left abdomen. What could be causing it? I also have pain when I'm passing urine.

My daughter is not passing enough urine. Is this an emergency?

My 2 year old daughter is not passing adequate amounts of urine. Her diaper has only been wet once every day when its usually a few times. She seems to be drinking enough so...

What can I take to prevent hypokalemia for my mom?

My mother has kidney disease and has slipped into a hypokalemia state two times. Is there anything that we can to prevent any future episodes of hypokalemia?

Why is my mother so breathless?

My mother is a late stage chronic kidney disease patient and since2 days ago she has been quite breathless. She hasn't changed her acitvity level. Can her kidney issues be causing...

Is coconut water safe for someone suffering from kidney disease?

My 52 year old mother has kidney disease and is also suffering from electrolyte imbalance. Is coconut water safe for her to drink? Will it help?

About kidney transplant life span

How long does a kidney transplant last? (deceased donor)

My kidney function is worsening. Can it be stopped?

For two years, my kidney function has been out of whack. But now my kidney functioning is worsening, and has gotten to the point where doctors are talking about the possibility...

Can polycystic kidney disease be treated?

I have been diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease. Can this condition be treated?

Is there a way to prevent diabetic nephropathy?

My mother has been suffering from diabetes and her kidney function deteriorated. I am now diabetic. How can I prevent diabetic nephropathy for me?

My mother is a CKD patient and her urine output is decreasing. What could this mean?

My mother is a CKD patient and her urine output is decreasing. What could this mean?

Can a kidney problems cause confusion?

My father is suffering from a kidney infection that is causing his kidney function to suffer. Since then, he has also been very confused. Could this cause confusion in his mind?...

Are there any supplements that will strengthen my mom's kidney function?

Can you suggest health supplements that will help strengthen my mom's kidney function?

If my mom gets dialysis, are there any chances of infections?

The doctor has suggested for my mom to get dialysis because of her kidney disease. But could this expose her to any infections? What should we do to prevent any infections?...

What are the best drinks to help flush out toxins from the kidney?

What are the best health drinks and juices for me to consume to flush out toxins from my kidney?

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