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Can kidney disease cause depression?

My mother is becoming very depressed and she also suffers from chronic kidney disease. Is it possible for these conditions to be connected? As she is suffering from depression,...

After three years of my kidney transplant, my legs are beginning to swell up again. What should I do?

Its been three years since I had my kidney transplant. Up until now, I had no issue. But now my legs are beginning to swell up again. What should I do?

Can hemorrhoids impact my kidney functioning too?

I have had hemorrhoids for the past 6 months and I am undergoing treatment for it right now. Will this condition impact my kidneys too?

Can kidney disease cause extreme bloating?

My mother is having a lot of bloating to the point where it's visually obvious. Is it due to her kidney disease?

Would you recommend natural medicine for a kidney disease patient?

My father has been diagnosed with kidney disease and is apprehensive about lots of medical treatment. Is there any harm in starting natural medicine for him? He is 70 years old....

Can drinking a lot of water for a chronic kidney disease patient cause any major problem?

My mother lives with chronic kidney disease. She is drinking a lot more water lately for health reasons. But could it cause any health concerns for her in regard to her kidneys?...

How many times a week do you have to undergo dialysis?

My father is suffering from a end stage kidney disease, and we are convincing him to undergo dialysis. How many times a week will he have to undergo the procedure? Is it painful?...

Is high creatinine treated as a medical emergency?

My mother's creatinine level has increased to 6. 9 from 5. 2 in one month. Should this be considered a medical emergency?

When is dialysis actually required?

My mother is 72 years old and a chronic kidney disease patient. The doctor has been asking us to start off with dialysis for her but currently she is pretty active and we don’t...

My baby is 10 months old and has water retention in her legs. Should we be worried?

My daughter is 10 months old and I have noticed some water retention in her legs. We have taken her to the pediatrician who has taken some samples for testing. I am worried if...

My brother is due for a kidney transplant. What are the chances that my kidney will work for him?

My brother needs a transplant, but the transplant list is long and he isn't considered a priority on it. The doctors have tested me and have said that my kidney will match and...

What is the way to confirm chronic kidney disease in a patient?

My mother is 76 years old and has had a history of diabetes for the last 37 years. Her creatinine levels are high and at about 5. 33. Is she moving towards chronic kidney disease?...

My mother is dealing with fluid retention in her body despite taking lasix. What can she do?

My mother is 70 years old and is suffering from CKD. She has been on lasix for the last 6 months, but her fluid retention is still very high. What could be the reason?

Is there a sign to look out for to detect kidney disease early?

My mother and father both died of a kidney failure. I am currently 50 years old and I am worried that I will also have a kidney disorder. What are the signs to look out for to...

Lab work done 10/09/17 showed my Absolute Lymphocytes @ 5738. This is not the first time they were high. I had one @ 5400 months before October. My...

I have had several Corticosteroid Lumbar injections, Kidney Infections, H Pylori & C-Dif prir years October 25,17 I had Surgery Lumbar FUSION.

Can excessive urination be a sign of a kidney problem?

I have been passing excess urine. Could this be a sign of a kidney problem?

Do protein powders affect the kidneys?

I am 28 years old and I have just started going to the gym. My instructor has advised me to take protein supplements to enhance the weight loss process. I want to know if these...

Can there be an increase in creatinine levels due to fever?

My mother is a diabetes patient for the last 12 years. Recently we had a creatinine check up done for her which indicated a high number. She was suffering from a viral infection...

Are there any symptoms that indicate high creatinine?

My mother all of a sudden had an increase in creatinine levels. Now she is on medication to bring them down. What are the symptoms that we can watch out for that indicate increasing...

Do weight loss medicines put strain on the kidneys?

I am 34 years old and I currently weigh 210 (I'm also considered overweight). I have just started going to the gym, but I have been recommended to take weight loss medication....

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