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About kidney transplant life span

How long does a kidney transplant last? (deceased donor)

My kidney function is worsening. Can it be stopped?

For two years, my kidney function has been out of whack. But now my kidney functioning is worsening, and has gotten to the point where doctors are talking about the possibility...

Is there a way to prevent diabetic nephropathy?

My mother has been suffering from diabetes and her kidney function deteriorated. I am now diabetic. How can I prevent diabetic nephropathy for me?

My mother is a CKD patient and her urine output is decreasing. What could this mean?

My mother is a CKD patient and her urine output is decreasing. What could this mean?

Can kidney disease cause depression?

My mother is becoming very depressed and she also suffers from chronic kidney disease. Is it possible for these conditions to be connected? As she is suffering from depression,...

Can dialysis improve my mother's quality of life?

My mother is 70 years old with multiple health complications including diabetes and hypertension. Her doctor has been suggesting dialysis, but we are concerned if it will improve...

How is protein loss compensated in a kidney disease patient?

How can protein loss be compensated in a person suffering from kidney disease?

Left side abdominal pain

I have left side abdominal pain for the past few days. . . and the pain seem to worsen at times. It first started at the back then radiated to the abdomen. What can it be?

After three years of my kidney transplant, my legs are beginning to swell up again. What should I do?

Its been three years since I had my kidney transplant. Up until now, I had no issue. But now my legs are beginning to swell up again. What should I do?

Can hemorrhoids impact my kidney functioning too?

I have had hemorrhoids for the past 6 months and I am undergoing treatment for it right now. Will this condition impact my kidneys too?

Can kidney disease cause extreme bloating?

My mother is having a lot of bloating to the point where it's visually obvious. Is it due to her kidney disease?

My father has been urinating less since his stroke. What is the connection between the two?

My father had a stroke last year post, and since then he has been urinating less often. My father refuses to ask why this happens with his physician, but when I asked, he suggested...

Can kidney disease cause decline in sex drive?

My creatinine levels are going up rapidly and I have chronic kidney disease that I take medicine for. Lately my sex drive has gone down too. Is it because of my kidney condition?...

Does a healthy person need to check creatinine levels?

Is it necessary for a healthy person to check creatinine levels? Why or why not?

How long does it take for kidney stones to pass?

If someone has been detected with kidney stones, how long does it take to pass them out naturally?

Can kidney disease ever be reversed?

The doctor has recently diagnosed me with kidney disease. I had no symptoms. What can I do to reverse this condition? Is that even possible?

Would you recommend natural medicine for a kidney disease patient?

My father has been diagnosed with kidney disease and is apprehensive about lots of medical treatment. Is there any harm in starting natural medicine for him? He is 70 years old....

Can drinking a lot of water for a chronic kidney disease patient cause any major problem?

My mother lives with chronic kidney disease. She is drinking a lot more water lately for health reasons. But could it cause any health concerns for her in regard to her kidneys?...

Can dark yellow urine be a sign of a kidney problem?

My urine is dark yellow in color. Could it be an indication of a kidney problem or something else? The reason why this is concerning me is because I usually drink a lot of water...

How are stones removed naturally?

I have two small kidney stones that the doctor says will dissolve on its own. How will that happen though?

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