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Will prozac use lead to weight gain?

I have recently been prescribed prozac for both anxiety and depression. I have been against taking medication because of the many side effects. Will I gain weight from prozac?...

How can I help my son cope with social anxiety?

My son has severe social anxiety and does not want to leave my side. Is there anything that can be done to help him cope with and overcome this anxiety?

My daughter is starting to tell me she is hearing voices. What is causing this?

My 22 year old daughter has recently been complaining of hearing voices in her head. We are very afraid something may be wrong with her. What could be causing this? Can anything...

What can be done for chronic depression if medications do not work?

My sister has chronic depression and has for most of her life. She has tried many many medications, with no success. What can be done for her?

Is medication required for anxiety?

I have very bad anxiety, and often have a very hard time doing the simplest of tasks. Would I need medication? I am always concerned about potential side effects.

How can I cope with my stress?

I have a lot of stress in every aspect of my life, and often times I do not cope with it well. What are some ways to cope with severe stress?

Why are my daughter's mood swings so severe?

My daughter is 15 years old and has very extreme mood swings- much more than your average teenage girl. Is this normal?

Are there any natural remedies or medications that will help with anxiety and depression?

I have been suffering with anxiety and depression for about 10 years, and have tried every prescription medication with no success and bad side effects. Are there any natural...

What can I do to help cope with the loss of my mother?

My mother passed away 8 months ago, and it still feels like yesterday. I am having a very hard time coping without her. Is there anything I can do to move forward?

Are there any medications for OCD?

I have OCD and have been going to therapy for years to try to manage it. Are there any medications that may also help?

Has my mother's illness affected my wife?

My wife is the sole caregiver for my mother who is bedridden with multiple problems. My wife is constantly tending to her and has become very emotionally vulnerable. Could caring...

How do I manage my depression after menopause?

I recently hit menopause and it’s been a very tough phase for me, especially mentally. I have been extremely depressed and I don’t know why or what to do. Please help.

With my mother's illnesses, I am becoming extremely depressed. What can I do about this?

I am the sole caretaker for my mother who is suffering from multiple illnesses. Her conditions and the stress associated with them are making me extremely depressed. I am going...

Can trichotillomania be treated with medication?

My sister is suffering from trichotillomania. Can this be treated with medication?

Can chemotherapy cause depression?

My wife is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Ever since her treatment has started, she has been extremely depressed. Is this a common symptom? Is it safe for her to...

How can I help my son get through his social anxiety?

My son is extremely scared to talk to people, and is very anxious in social settings. What can I do to help him get through this social anxiety?

I had severe postpartum depression after giving birth to my son. Is it likely I will have it with my second child?

When I had my first baby, I suffered with postpartum depression. I recently found out that I am pregnant again. Is it likely I will have it again with my second child?

How can I help my sister control her sudden bursts of anger?

My sister is 32 years old, and has a very hard time controlling her emotions. She often cannot control herself, especially when she is angry. Why is it she can't control herself?...

Is Trichotillomania a serious condition?

My wife is suffering from trichotillomania and is currently on medication. However, she is also quite depressed. I really don’t know how I can be of any help to her. What should...

Can excessive anger be termed as a psychological disorder?

If a person gets excessively angry, would it be termed as a psychological disorder or is it a behavioral one?

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