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Is a ventilator considered life support?

My aunt is on a ventilator after her heart surgery, and I didn't realize that a ventilator is a lot serious than I thought. Because she's on a ventilator, does it mean that she's...

Is sepsis a common infection you can get from the hospital?

My mom had abdominal surgery, and once she was home, she was experiencing a fever and difficulty breathing. We took her back to the hospital immediately and it turned out that...

What are the symptoms of a concussion?

My son's complaining of a headache and has been having issues falling asleep. He's also a little bit disoriented. This started over the weekend, after his wrestling match. I...

My child has been hospitalized for diabetes complications. Will he be OK?

My 14-year old son has been hospitalized for diabetic neuropathy. What exactly is this, and will it have long-term effects on him? I'm extremely concerned!

What can I do to prevent a heart attack?

Are there any supplements available to maintain a healthy heart? What can I do to prevent a heart attack?

Will I be given antidepressants in the hospital?

I am scheduled to have surgery at the end of the month, but I also have clinical depression and am currently on antidepressants for it. After my surgery, will I be able to take...

What are the duties of a Hospitalist?

My daughter had surgery yesterday and her nurse just told me that the Hospitalist will be in to see her this evening. What is a Hospitalist and what are their duties?

Can diabetes cause heart complications?

Can my high sugar levels lead to cardiac abnormalities and complications?

How do you know when you need a blood transfusion?

My mother is anemic, pale and weak. The doctor said her hemoglobin and other blood work isn't low enough for a blood transfusion. Is there a certain value of when they give one...

How soon should I see my bilirubin count normalizing after starting treatment?

I had abnormal bilirubin counts when I was diagnosed with jaundice. My treatment has started. How soon will the counts start normalizing?

Low grade fever for long time

One of my aunt's is suffering form low grade fever for a long time (around 30 days ). When the medication is going on, there is no sign of fever but when the medication is stopped...

How long is a liver transplant good for?

My sister needs a liver transplant, how long will her new liver be viable for? How long will she be in the hospital for? She is 47 years old and has cirrhosis.

Why is my father having repeated bacterial infections in the hospital?

My father has been hospitalized and he is now getting repeated bacterial infections. What could be causing this?

Can catheters cause UTI's?

My father has been on a catheter and is now complaining of pain when he passes urine. Could it be a UTI due to the catheter?

How is cough drained in the case of a severe bronchial infection?

My husband has been diagnosed with a bronchial infection and has a lot of cough inside. I am worried this could cause pneumonia. I want a second opinion on the options available...

What care should we take when treating a patient suffering from pneumonia?

My father is suffering from pneumonia and has been admitted in the hospital. What care should we take when meeting him?

Can pneumonia spread from the patient to the caregivers?

My mother in law has been diagnosed with pneumonia. Is there a chance we (her caregivers) can get it as well? How should we prevent this?

Should a cancer patient be kept in the hospital when they have fever?

My nephew has been diagnosed with cancer, and has recently had an on and off fever. Should he be in the hospital for this?

I have been diagnosed with osteopenia. What is the course of treatment for this disease?

I have been diagnosed with osteopenia. Right now I'm taking medication for it, but should I be doing anything else alongside of that?

My son has fibrous dysplasia in his left leg. What should we do to treat it?

My 15 year old has been recently diagnosed with fibrous dysplasia in his left leg and we aren't sure where we should start with treatment. Our doctor has only suggested that we...

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