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Does running help get rid of chlamydia?


Best treatment for oligomenorrhea diminish light bleeding


I am having my menses after every 16 days regularly after I went off the injectable contraceptive. What do I do?

I have bronchitis. I'm on day #4 of 5day zpack and 5 day steroids. I'm not feeling any relief. Should I be worried?

I am still wheezing- coughing all night. Head hurts now. Congested now. It was all in my chest at 1st now it's in my head and I'm all stuffed up.

What are the possible triggers of left side chest pain?

I am 45 years old with a fair level of activity in my everyday routine. I don't have any habits like smoking or even drinking. I have history of cardiac issues running in my...

Eggs and flu shots

Why am I asked if I am allergic to eggs when I get a flu shot?

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