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My mother seems to be obsessed with her health. Is this abnormal

My mother believes something is totally wrong with her and I am unable to figure out what it is. Could it be a psychiatric problem?

What could be the reason my mother is just not eating?

Ever since my father passed away, my mother has been feeling very low and hasn't been eating much since his death. Could this be depression?

How can I get over my fears of height?

I have a very strong fear of heights, but I want to overcome it. What are the steps that I should take?

Can a diet help treat my child with ADHD?

My son has ADHD. Is there a specific diet that helps with ADHD?

My daughter has suddenly lost her appetite. Could it be a hormonal issue?

My 16 year old daughter has suddenly stopped feeling hungry and is losing her appetite. Could it be a hormonal issue?

My mother has chronic kidney disease and is always depressed. What should I do?

My mother is a CKD patient and is constantly crying about her health issues and is very depressed. I feel bad and want to help her, what can I do?

What is the treatment for anorexia?

My daughter has anorexia. Can this condition be managed with just counselling or does she require medication?

Will I have to be on anti-depressants throughout my life once I start them?

I have some psychiatric issues but I am scared to start any treatment as I may have to be on medicines for the rest of my life. Are my fears justified?

What can I do to boost my self esteem and confidence?

I am suffering from severe low self esteem and lack of confidence. What can I do to boost it?

Can insomnia be psychological?

My 10 year old daughter says she is unable to sleep at night. Could it be a psychological problem or an underlying disease?

Why do I feel more happy in the afternoon?

When I wake up in the afternoon after a nap, I end up feeling happier than i do at other points in the day. What could be the reason for this?

Why am I so scared of the dark?

I have been scared of the dark since I was a kid, and now I'm 24 and still haven't gotten over this fear. Because of this, I only sleep with the TV on to have some light. What...

Is kleptomania treatable?

My neighbor has been diagnosed with kleptomania. Can it be treated with medicines and counseling?

Why is my daughter so distracted when studying?

My daughter is extremely distracted when I ask her to study or write anything. We've tried to play "math games" and have our own little sessions of "Jeopardy" in our house, but...

Where can I find clinical trials for mild cognitive disorder?

Where can I find clinical trials for mild cognitive disorder?

Difference in treatment between a psychiatrist and psychologist?

I have dealt with anxiety and depression for year. I need help and am wondering if i should see a psychologist or psychiatrist? how will they be different?

Does my mother need help to get over my father's death?

My mother has become extremely depressed and lonely ever since my father passed away. She is very anxious, sad and irritable. Does she need psychiatric help?

How do I know if my wife is a nymphomaniac?

My wife won't stop. She has been constantly wanting to have sex, and I have even caught her masturbating a few times when I leave the room. I'm trying to understand why this...

Can medication help with health anxiety?

I experienced the loss of my mother in a long and gruesome battle to cancer. I have since then suffered severe health anxiety. Every other day it is something else. . . a...

What could cause a constant state of somnolence?

I feel tired all of the time. Even after waking up from a full night of sleep- I always want to sleep. During the day I have a hard time pushing through my tasks. My primary...

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