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What is the aftercare for hemorrhoid surgery like?

I need to have surgery on my hemorrhoids very soon, mainly because they're not going away on their own. What should I do after the surgery to help my recovery?

Is it possible to have colonic polyps when you're young?

There's been some pain around my rectum, whenever I have to actually go to the bathroom. I know it's not constipation because I go to to the bathroom regularly. I have a history...

Are colonic polyps surgically removed?

My doctor found polyps in my colon and we didn't discuss treatment because I had to leave his office right after. I'm following up with him at the end of this week, but I'm wondering,...

Surgery for my bleeding hemorrhoids?

I have internal and external hemorrhoids that bleed and cause me a lot of pain and discomfort. Is surgery advisable to give me relief?

Does hemorrhoids require a surgery?

My husband was diagnosed with hemorrhoids and they're not going away OTC medication and a high-fiber diet. Would he need surgery to remove them?

My mother has a problem of impacted stools. What can we do for it?

My mother has an issue with impacted stools, and we aren't sure of what we should do for it. How can we help her?

Having a section of colon removed. What is the recovery time for this?

Due to IBS problems, I am having a section of my colon removed. About how long will I be under anesthesia for this procedure, and what is the general recovery time? Also, will...

Should I stop taking my blood thinners before my anal fissure surgery?

I have had a bypass and now need to get an anal fissure surgery done. Should I stop taking my blood thinners to avoid any complications during the surgery?

Will a good diet detox help clean my colon?

Is a good diet detox enough to keep the colon clean?

How is anal incontinence treated?

My father's colon is "loose", as he puts it. He's been pretty constipated because of it, and randomly farts whenever he walks. He says he can't hold it. Would he need surgery...

Why do I have a little bleeding after my colonoscopy?

I recently had a colonoscopy and now I have a little bleeding in my stools. What could be the reason for this? Is it normal?

What are the risks of a Colectomy?

I am due to undergo a partial bowel resection. What are the possible risks of this surgery?

Anal fissure

Suffering from anal fissure for 5 months with pain that's severe at bowel moment, and sometimes swelling over skin tag which is in anal posture. Doctor suggests surgery, is it...


I had a fissurectomy 9 months back, got fissures after childbirth. After that I experienced itching and scratching feeling in anus but now I feel a kind of stretching in the anal...

Is giving enema a good way to cleanse the colon system?

Is it safe to undergo enema therapy every year to cleanse the colon system well?

Will I be given anesthesia for a colonoscopy?

The doctor has advised me to undergo a colonoscopy for my recently diagnosed IBD. Will I be given anesthesia during the procedure?

Bleeding after a colonoscopy

Yesterday I had a colonoscopy that removed two small polyps. Last night I was able to pass bowel movement with no blood. Though after walking around the shops today I had a cramping...

Can colon cancer be cured with a surgery?

My friend has been diagnosed with colon cancer. The doctor has started his treatment for it, however, I would like to know if it can be cured with colon surgery?

What is a colectomy?

When discussing treatment for my mother, I overheard the doctors mention a surgery called a colectomy. They haven't brought it up to us yet directly. What is a colectomy? What...

I am a 27 year old man and am about 53 lbs overweight. I have noticed some blood in my stools. Could it be polyps or cancer?

I am 27 years old and my diet and lifestyle is extremely unhealthy. I have recently noticed blood in my stools. Could this be a sign of polyps, or cancer? I'm unsure of what...

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