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Are there such a thing as cancer genes?

I understand that if you have breast cancer, or colon cancer, or really any type of cancer in your family, that you have a higher risk for them. Is this because of certain genes...

How quickly does Non-Hodgkins lymphoma spread?

I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma at an early stage of the disease. I'm currently in chemotherapy, and already am showing some progress. But I'm still scared of it spreading....

How will chemo affect my oral health?

I was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this month and I'm going to begin chemotherapy. Everything was discussed with my oncologist, but there's still a few questions that...

Can a radiologist detect the presence of cancer?

My mother-in-law had been asked to go in for mammogram since she was experiencing pain in her right breast. The radiologist said the results were good and everything is fine and...

During chemotherapy, is a RBC drop normal?

I am undergoing chemotherapy for my liver cancer, and now I am experiencing a drop in my RBC count. Is this normal?

Is breast cancer genetic?

Is it possible for breast cancer to be in someone's genes? Does it meant that I can get it if my mother had it?

Is jaw cancer curable?

I have been receiving treatment for jaw cancer. However, I would like to know -- is it completely curable? What is the survival rate?

How many radiation therapy sessions would I require for metastatic cancer?

My cancer has metastasized and I am undergoing chemotherapy. How many radiation sessions would I require?

What is the treatment that a radiologist can give for breast cancer?

Is a radiologist the right person to initiate breast cancer treatment for my wife? We were given the choice between radiation therapy and chemo, and my wife chose radiation....

Can a radiation oncologist help with a cancerous growth in the liver?

I have been diagnosed with liver cancer. Can a radiation oncologist help?

Constant anal itching

I have anal itching all the time, sometimes with pain and sometimes a little bleeding. What could this be?

I am undergoing treatment for liver cancer. I am now passing blood in my stools. Why is this?

I have been diagnosed with liver cancer and I am currently undergoing chemo and treatment for the cancer. I passed blood in my stools yesterday. What does this mean?

Can liver cancer be treated by an interventional radiologist?

Can an interventional radiologist help in treating liver cancer or do you just see an oncologist?

Can radiation treatment reduce the size of a tumor?

A tumor was discovered in my breast and my doctors are sending me for radiation therapy. Can radiation therapy effectively be used to reduce the size of the tumor?

What is radiation treatment for lung cancer?

My father has been diagnosed with lung cancer. His team of doctors advise radiation treatment for him. What exactly is radiation treatment for lung cancer?

Will removal of a cancerous tumor cause cancer cells to spread?

I am going to undergo surgery for a malignant abdominal tumor. Can removal of the tumor somehow cause the cancer cells to spread?

Why is my mother losing weight?

My mother is a diabetes patient and has been losing a lot of weight lately (10 pounds in 1 month). Her diet, physcial activity and medication has not changed. What could be the...

How to get rid of fluid in the lungs?

My mom has stage 4 lung cancer and her lungs are filled with fluid. Can it be removed? is it a dangerous procedure?

Why are my platelets dropping after chemotherapy?

I am suffering from blood cancer. I am undergoing chemotherapy and my platelet count is dropping. Is this the result of my cancer or the chemo?

Is nuclear medicine effective as a cancer treatment?

Can I opt for nuclear medicine to treat my thyroid cancer? What are the side effects?

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