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While getting chemo, is it safe to get a flu shot?

I am starting chemotherapy next week. Is it okay for me to get a flu shot?

How is endometrial cancer treated?

My mom has been diagnosed with endometrial cancer. She is 78 years old so I am so nervous about treatment due to her age. What is normally done for older cancer patients?

How does the HPV vaccine help in preventing the risk of cervical cancer?

I have read that HPV vaccine can largely help in lowering the risk of cervical cancer. I would like my daughter to have this vaccine once she's of age. But, how does it work...

Do I need a CT scan, or MRI SCAN after losing my second mastectomies?

I had breast cancer twice in my life, my first breast cancer diagnosed in 2000 feb, mastectomy in march 7 stage ii grade ii invasive ductal carcinoma. My second breast cancer...

What are the side effects of chemotherapy in the long run for my 2 year old child?

My son has been detected with hepatoblastoma. He is only 2 years old, and we are starting with his chemotherapy tomorrow. I would like to know what side effects the therapy might...

Is a loss of appetite common in chemotherapy patients?

I am undergoing chemotherapy for my breast cancer. But, ever since I started with my therapy, I am losing my appetite. Is this normal?

How does blood cancer happen?

My brother in law is 35 years old and has been detected with leukemia. We are consulting various doctors who are recommending different lines of treatment. I know almost nothing...

Why is my mother so irritable after her chemotherapy sessions?

After receiving her chemotherapy, my mother is highly irritated and also feels very tired. Is it normal fatigue due to the treatment or something else? I feel so bad seeing her...

Why did my radiation therapy cause my creatinine to fluctuate?

I underwent radiation therapy for my gallbladder cancer. The treatment was successful, but my latest check up showed that my creatinine level has gone up. What could be the reason...

With a history of cancer, how often should I undergo a test to be sure there are no cancer cells in my body?

I have a history of breast cancer and was treated for it in the past, it's now (thankfully) in remission. How many times should I do a test to make sure that there are no cancer...

My mother is 72 years with a history of breast cancer. What are the chances of her getting the disease again?

My mother was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer at the age of 54 years. She had a mastectomy. What are her chances of getting a relapse of cancer at the age of 72?

Can back pain be a symptom of lung cancer?

I am a 31 year old man and I smoke about 6 cigarettes a day. I do not drink alcohol or consume meat. I would like to know the possibility of a back pain being related to lung...

Can acid reflux cause stomach cancer?

I have a lifestyle that requires me to eat a lot of fast food. But, I often end up with acid reflux. I recently read an article that this can be cause stomach cancer in the future....

Are my swollen lymph nodes Lymphoma??

I have a couple of swollen lymph nodes in different areas of my body. One is under my right armpit, two in the groin, one just above my collar bone on both sides, and one under...

Why did my brother's cancer treatment cause weakening of his kidneys?

My brother is 32 years old and recently underwent cancer treatment for a growth near his throat. However, after the treatment, the doctors have said that his creatinine levels...

Can cancer cause depression symptoms?

My mother is 48 years old and has been diagnosed with cancer. We have started her treatment for the disease. However, she feels very depressed. I've noticed it for a while but...

Are there any general symptoms for cancer that one should look out for?

It seems cancer has become a very common problem these days. Are there ways to identify cancer risk early in life?

Can cancer cause short-term memory loss?

My father is suffering from prostate cancer and his treatment has started. He is actually coping pretty well, but however he's become slow in processing information and is also...

Will a viral infection worsen my condition during chemotherapy?

I am 43 years old and I am currently undergoing chemotherapy for my breast cancer. I have completed 3 sessions of my chemotherapy so far, But I am now down with a viral infection,...

What are the risks involved in getting pregnant after cancer treatment?

I was diagnosed with nasal cancer about 6 years back for which I completed my treatment. I am currently 29 years old and I want to plan my baby. However I am extremely worried...

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