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When should I do kegel exercises?

I have heard doing kegel exercises helps protect the bladder. Who should ideally be doing these exercises? What else can they benefit?

What is the best treatment for an overactive bladder?

I am 59 years old, male, and for the last 3 months I have an overactive bladder. I have to go to the bathroom every hour or so. What is the best treatment for this ?

Is Pilates helpful in treating urinary incontinence?

I was told that doing Pilates can be very helpful in treating problems like urinary incontinence. Is it true? If so, how?

Can recurrent kidney stones cause permanent damage to my urinary tract?

I have recurrent problems with kidney stones. I have been working with my doctor to permanently treat them, but I am worried if this can cause permanent damage to my urinary tract...

What could be the cause of this burning sensation while urinating?

Lately, I've been feeling this burning sensation while urinating. What could be the reason for this? My urine is also a dark yellow color and cloudy.

Are vaginal washes safe?

I have recently heard a lot about vaginal washes, but have been skeptical about their usage. Are these vaginal washes really safe? Or, is there a risk with infection?

I have a burning, stinging, itchy feeling with my vagina

My vagina feels itchy and burns and stings when I pee, I can barely move. Very uncomfortable. What could it be?

Urinating frequently, burning sensation, and abdominal pain.

I am urinating frequently, have abdominal pain, and now I even have a burning sensation. What could be my problem?

Inner tip of penis opening is white and a dull pain. I believe I have HPV.

The very tip and partial inside is white and sometimes hard and my hole wanted to close. The inside is red and painful. I do have a test for HPV coming up. I do have a bad UTI...

Is dark yellow urine a sign of infection?

I have recently noticed that my urine has been very dark in color and carries a strong odor. Is this normal or could this be a sign of infection?

Can antibiotics cause frequent urination?

I am on antibiotics for a viral infection. But, I've noticed that I have been urinating a lot since taking them. Is it possible that these antibiotics are causing me to urinate...

Can smoking cause urinary incontinence?

I am a 36 year old man, and lately, I'm suffering from urinary incontinence. I never had this problem before, and I think I'm a little too young for it. I am also a chain smoker....

My husband is suffering from erectile dysfunction. Could it be due to an underlying health condition?

We have been married for the last 10 years and all of a sudden he is suffering from erectile dysfunction. Is it temporary or due to some underlying health condition?

I have a pea sized lump on my right testical

Sometimes I get a dull ache but it goes away. My back is really sore as well. The lump I think is getting bigger . What should I do? I have ITP and no spleen. Also I have...

I have a brownish discharge while urinating since yesterday. What could it be?

My urine looks brownish and very dark in color since yesterday. I'm not dehydrated. What could this be?

Is 4th generation HIV test 100% reliable after one year of possible exposure?

No symptoms; only anxiety, was tested negative after one year from brief vagina touching, no other exposure after that. Should I still worry?

About urine test results

My son urine has very dar. We had a urine test and the results show 3 stars. Tomorrow we will have a blood test. I want to know how serious is this? And what could cause this?...

My husband has not been able to perform for 6 years, his balls are very blue. What can be done?

I'm worried, he is miserable and so am I. He won't seek medical advice.

What is the test recommended to learn the cause of smelly and yellow urine?

I am a 34 year old man and my urine has a very smelly odor for the past 3 days, it's also extremely yellow. The color of the urine is also extremely yellow. Could this indicate...

Why should people with kidney stones avoid spinach?

My son is 18 years old and has been diagnosed with kidney stones. The doctor has advised him to avoid vegetables like spinach. Is there a specific reason?

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