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My father has been diagnosed with obstructive uropathy. Can this be treated?

My father is 78 years old and has been diagnosed with obstructive uropathy. Can this be treated? What would the best course of treatment be?

Can tampons cause a urinary tract infection?

I have always used tampons, but have recently been getting frequent UTI's. Can tampons cause these infections?

Can you get a UTI from sexual intercourse?

My wife recently had a urinary tract infection. Is it possible that I could get it from sexual intercourse?

How does kegel exercise treat bladder incontinence?

I have been living with bladder incontinence ever since my delivery. I am told that kegel exercise is very helpful in treating this condition. How exactly does it help?

Can just cranberry get rid of my UTI infection?

I have been diagnosed with a UTI infection and I know cranberry is good for it. Will this alone be adequate treatment for my condition?

My urine smell is very strong. Is there a problem?

I have a very foul and strong smell coming from my urine. Does this indicate an infection of some kind?

Can my daughter get rashes due to bed wetting?

My daughter sometimes wets the bed while she's sleeping. Will this eventually cause her to have a rash or any infection? We try to clean her mess immediately, and she hasn't...

Why do I have this weird foul smell in my urine?

I have been experiencing a weird and foul smell in my urine for the past 5 days. I'm wondering if this could be due to the antibiotics that I'm on for a viral infection. Could...

Can masturbation cause problems with urinating?

I masturbate every once in a while, and lately I've noticed a small bleeding while/after masturbating. I also feel a constant urge to pee after I'm done. Usually only small amounts...

Blood semen

Last night I ejaculated and there was semen in my blood. I'm 29 years old, is this natural? Thank you. Best treatment for that?

Can vaginal washes make things dry down there?

Will washes (I don't mean douches) interfere with the natural PH in my vagina and make it excessively dry? Please let me know.

How can I prevent a UTI during my pregnancy?

According to my gyno I am very prone to UTIs. I have had 3 instances of UTI in the past. Now I am pregnant and would like to know, how can I prevent them during pregnancy?

How is a urine infection managed in a diabetic person?

My mother in law is heavily diabetic and currently has a urine infection. Are there any special precautions to keep in mind?

My father has been urinating less since his stroke. What is the connection between the two?

My father had a stroke last year post, and since then he has been urinating less often. My father refuses to ask why this happens with his physician, but when I asked, he suggested...

When should I do kegel exercises?

I have heard doing kegel exercises helps protect the bladder. Who should ideally be doing these exercises? What else can they benefit?

What is the best treatment for an overactive bladder?

I am 59 years old, male, and for the last 3 months I have an overactive bladder. I have to go to the bathroom every hour or so. What is the best treatment for this ?

Is Pilates helpful in treating urinary incontinence?

I was told that doing Pilates can be very helpful in treating problems like urinary incontinence. Is it true? If so, how?

Can recurrent kidney stones cause permanent damage to my urinary tract?

I have recurrent problems with kidney stones. I have been working with my doctor to permanently treat them, but I am worried if this can cause permanent damage to my urinary tract...

What could be the cause of this burning sensation while urinating?

Lately, I've been feeling this burning sensation while urinating. What could be the reason for this? My urine is also a dark yellow color and cloudy.

Are vaginal washes safe?

I have recently heard a lot about vaginal washes, but have been skeptical about their usage. Are these vaginal washes really safe? Or, is there a risk with infection?

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