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I keep getting bunions--what should I do to prevent them?

I had two bunionectomy surgeries in the past year, but I'm still getting bunions for some reason. Why do I keep getting them, and are there ways that I can prevent them from developing?...

What should I avoid doing after my ingrown toenail removal?

I'm scheduled to have my ingrown toenail removed pretty soon. I know my doctor will give me antibiotic ointment after the procedure, but is there anything I should avoid doing...

How can I prevent heel pain?

I wear heels a lot to and from work, and it causes me to have a lot of pain in my foot--mainly in my heels because I'm on my feet the entire day. It's not unbearable, but I don't...

Is a bunion a bone growth?

I think I have a bunion on my foot, and it's quite painful. It also feels a little hard. Is a bunion a kind of bone growth?

What can I do to prevent bunions?

I had a bunion removed recently because it was quite painful. What can I do to prevent developing any in the future?

How are corns under a toenail removed?

My grandmother has a corn underneath her toenail. How are these usually removed? Does it hurt?

What is the cause of my foot pain?

My right foot hurts. First it started with a burning sensation, but now it still burns and it's more painful. It's in my heel and middle of my foot but it has spread to the side...

I have pain in my ankle and it may need surgery. Will my diabetes make it difficult to heal my ankle?

I am having a lot of pain in my ankle and my doctor has suggested that it will need to be operated on because there's a bone growth. I am also diabetic. Will my diabetes make...

What is the best way to clean your feet when you have diabetes?

Because I have diabetes, is there a certain way I should be cleaning my feet?

What can I do for my dry and cracked heels?

I used to walk barefoot a lot, and my heels are now dry and cracked. What should I do to treat this?

I have a heel spur. Does the treatment involve anesthesia?

I have a painful heel spur that needs to be treated. Does the treatment involve general anesthesia? If so, why? Can I just have a local for this foot procedure?

How are ingrown toe nails removed?

What is the treatment for ingrown toe nails? I keep having this problem regularly. What should I do?

Should I see a podiatrist for my feet If I have diabetes?

I am suffering from tremendous foot pain, and I believe that it could be associated with my diabetes. Should I see a podiatrist when I have diabetes?

How long should my son stay home with the chicken pox?

My son has the chicken pox, and I have him at home until it goes away. Approximately when should I send him back to school?

How are bunions removed?

I noticed that I have a bunion by my big toe and it's causing me a lot of pain. I tried changing shoes and pain medications, but none of it works. How can I get them removed?...

I have a small growth around my ankle. Could it be serious?

I have a small growth around my ankle. It doesn’t hurt but I cant move it. It feels soft and smooth. Could it be harmful?

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